5* yellow decision-making (late-game veteran)

I keep going back and forth in my head. Talked it over with my alliance mates and random folks throughout Line. I just cannot stop the back-and-forth.

Who to ascend

  1. Leonidas
  2. Inari (number 2)
  3. Justice
    I have plenty of monks, plenty of rogues for the challenges. This would be for war-depth mostly. Perhaps raid tournaments. My gut reaction is to ascend Leonidas, but Inari (for tile damage v titans) is appealing. Justice? The only one I’m thinking is unlikely at this point, unless I really want to waste the darts on a once-in-a-blue-moon “5* rush attack” tourney.

5 Stars that I have maxed

  1. Inari (number 1)
  2. Joon
  3. Drake
  4. Onatel

4 Stars that I have maxed

  1. Chao
  2. Li Xiu
  3. Hu Tao
  4. Gretel
  5. Jackal (number 1)
  6. Jackal (number 2)
  7. Wu Kong
    (also have Danzaburo working his way up).

I have 34 orbs, 9 darts. no shortage of gloves, compasses, tomes (5) or damascus blades (6).


EDIT: Holy is my weakest color with the fewest heroes.

If there is no chance of using Justice as a tank I would ascend Leonidas.


I agree with frarhoss. At this point Leonidas.

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I would go with Leonidas, I have him at 2.60 and I like him very much so far for map levels. I don’t think another Inari is worth maxing over him, and I certainly don’t think Justice deserves 6 precious darts just to excel at rush attack tournaments.

I can see Leonidas and Onatel doing well in the same offense team too. They are the same speed and color, and their skills don’t conflict with each other. Sounds like a fun time controlling enemy and titan skills.

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Getting the feeling that my initial instinct was right.


Another vote for Leo. He was one of my first 5* hero’s and did amazing through Platinum. Now that I have a nice stable of 5* heroes, he’s bench warming my war attack teams right beside a 4.80 Drake, a +4 Viv and other holy heroes.

Not that he isn’t good, but for some reason I don’t use holy heroes often :laughing: Except in wars where he shines. His mana drain and self-heal has saved my attack many times. He’s sturdier than Drake so can take a punch.

I know Leo doesn’t get a lot of love here on the forums, but I love him. Yeah, yeah… he’s benchwarming, I know. Don’t let that dissuade you, though. That’s just my OCD thing. I run a Santa tank and I think the yellow clashes with the red. :crazy_face:


Go for Leo. I have no Inari, but all the other + Vivica. Maxed Leo ist a good offense hero and top in combination with Onatel. You will see.

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I bet you would be happy to get vivica or delilah :sweat_smile:

Some don’t like lnari, but her dodge has (without fail) won me countless wars and raids. When three SS from enemy goes off back to back when my heroes are about dead and that beautiful word DODGE pops up on each of my heroes…Life begins again. DODGE allows my healer to charge up and I win. I stay around 2400-2500 cups.

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I love Inari. I have 1 maxed out already, and was thinking 2 vs a titan would be a lot of fun…

hence my dilemma.

thinking Leo is the best war depth with Inari being next.

Thus the #2 by her name lol well in that case my vote goes to Leo :slight_smile:

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Leo for sure even though the rush attack is an appealing thought

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