Who to Ascend - Sir Roostley or Leonidas?

Context: Yellow is my last colour where I have no maxed 5 star hero - I have currently 9 darts.

So I’ve had Leo at 3/70 for a few months now. I wasn’t crazy about him, but I thought I’d wait until April to see if I’d get Malosi since it was a 50-50 chance. Didn’t happen. Joon is also elusive.

Now I did get Sir Roostley who is now at 3/60. At first I was pretty confident :rooster: would get darts over Leo… but now I’m actually leaning towards Leo. I understand that Leo would have more utility at 3/60 than Roostley because of his mana down and self heal. I think Roostley would need to be fully maxed (and possibly emblemed) to make use of that 280% dmg “chain”.

But there’s a few problems:

  1. Roostley (because average speed) will rarely hit more than 2 heroes.
  2. Debuffs self even when missing
  3. Requires Paladin emblems (not happening with Telluria)
  4. I feel like his best potential is with emblems in a tank spot on defence so she has a chance of hitting all enemies. Seems awkward.

My current other finished/planned 5 stars:
Kage, Ursena 3/70
Miki, Ariel, Magni 3/70
Lianna, Telluria 3/70
Mitsuko, JF, Grazul 3/70

Anyways, I know there probably isn’t a ton of people out there who’ve rushed to max the big chicken, but I’m still curious to hear from anybody who has been using 1 or both of them. I’ve read quite a bit of the discourse on both heroes, so I thought I’d throw this comparison out there and ask the communities opinion on who to ascend.

Oh, and lastly - I know I have 9 darts and should choose 1. I just haven’t bee in a rush since I have no problems collecting Diamond chests, wars, etc.

I’m just really not excited about either hero at all… 4* AMs are so hard to come by.

Waiting it out is also a good choice.


I have maxed Leo for some time. Always struggled for damage against purple, raiding 2 red, Guin, Neith, Leo

Then recently I pulled Joon, and the difference between them is stark. Joon is a stone cold killer, and the fast speed is excellent

I would wait until you get 10-11 darts and then do Leo. Roostley isn’t a great first yellow five IMO


Leonidas was my first 5* of any color, so of course I’m biased and sentimental, but I say do Leo first. Why?

  • Roostley, though he has a unique attack mechanic, has what I think is a crippling weakness in that once an attack misses, the chain stops. I’ve easily shut him down by lowering his accuracy, or when his first or second strike is against my +20 Kelile and she evades.
  • As you already mentioned, Telluria is getting the emblems.
  • By the time you finish Leo you’ll probably have your 4th dart, so Roostley might not have to wait long, and you might have gotten Joon or another strong yellow by that point too.
  • Leo’s not bad - self heal + mana control, and mana control is valuable in this game; it can buy you a turn, or several if you’re lucky. If you’ve got monk emblems to spare, that withstand is great. If the attacker can place multiple statuses, he gets a roll against every condition. And of course, no post-attack status like the Easter heros. That self-heal even take some of the sting out of hitting riposters, if you have to.

I have Roostley, and after seeing how easily his chain can be disrupted, I’m not so excited about him anymore. He’s lower priority to me now, after Kvasir and Malosi. More than once, Leo has saved the day when he delayed Gravemaker or Sartana, etc., or when he was the last, and his self-heal kept him going juuust long enough to outlast the opponent. I’ve got him at +7 and I don’t regret it.

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I’m exactly in the same boat, well almost. LEONIDAS and Justice were my 1st and 4th 5* heroes respectively and I’ve had both at 3/70 for the longest possible time. Poison darts elude me (I’ve only ever gotten them from Shiloh, no where else). Now I’ve got SR (shocked I must say, from my very first EHT) although I was hoping for Malosi and that seems like a tall dream.

I was thinking I’ll take him all the way to the top just so I can have a rainbow defense for once…

I have been contemplating for a while and I’ve never faced him in raids. I guess I’ll get him to 3/70 and hold on, because my current Paladin is Richard…

Also, I still want Joon, he’s a very heavy rapist hitter!!! I held on to 11 rings after getting Elena and her slow defenseless self to 3/70, now I was able to get JF to full Ascension and I got Marjana from EHT following SR. Obviously, Marjana trumps Elena everytime and in everyway IMO and now I’ve got 6 rings for Marjana :heart_decoration:
I’ll continue to wait for my shiny yellow 5* or until I get more darts …

Leo could be chocolate dipped, diamond encrusted pixel Jesus — but giving darts to a S1 hero at this point would be like accepting a groin kick because they’re offering them and their free.

If you have all that other stuff, wait until you find your bliss

Nothing against the S1 hero’s — but darts are darts and s3 is barely started.


Sir Roostley all day every day

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Not to go off topic, but Elena trumps Marjana on Titans, also rush attack tourneys.


i would take roostley only if you want to use him as a tank

i did

As an aside, firing Grazul and then firing Roostley after stops the attack down and with Grazul at very fast mana it would be manageable imo. I think Roostley is better than Leo and his side effect isn’t nearly as bad as Killhare’s and even her side effect could be made a benefit by firing JF before her for those that have him. Main point, think about the synergy of your team and how you can have the different heroes work together. Roostley has higher stats across the board at 4.80 when compared to Leo as well. Just the higher attack alone makes him better for titans imo, just hold the special until the end of the match or bring a cleanser and then no problem.

Tell me, please, do all reflectors interrupt the Roostley chain?

Please use English or copy and paste from Google Translate :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry, I have automatic translation enabled on the forum, so I didn’t notice that I copied the Russian text instead of English :relaxed: :kissing_heart:

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Both have their ups and downs…

Roostley has a poor special but good stats, Leo is a sniper that doesn’t quite kill.

As you have 9 darts then I’d think about maybe Roostley but… Both become obsolete if you get better options - Drake and White Rabbit both make Roostley irrelevant (in practice, 99% of the time either way you’re hitting two, for similar damage, but Roostley is slower and has a negative instead of positive secondary effect) and Joon makes Leo sit on the bench.

Now admittedly you’ll use either in wars until you have around thirty 5* hero’s… So which tickles your fancy there?

Based on all the replies so far, what I suspected is pretty clear so far - neither really stands ahead of the other. Both have pros/cons, but aren’t exciting heroes.

Some good arguments have been made on ascending either, or neither, lol.

With that in mind I think I’ll get Roostley to 3/70 and then work on maxing Woolerton next. I could really use a 4 star yellow healer, that would really compliment my bench and buy me some time to hopefully pull somebody better.


I don’t rate Woolerton much either :joy:

Having said that… if you’re planning on stacking up Easter hero’s, the family bonus can get tasty - +10% attack for having Woolerton and Roostley together would help both become a bit less underwhelming.

Nope. The chain will continue if it hits a riposte hero, but Roostley will get the reflected damage.

The chain stops if a hero evades or if Roostley misses, or if a hero is dead already the chain will stop at that spot.


I can see where you are coming from with S1 heroes and while I agree do not do Leo, MANY S1 heroes can hang with the big boys: Lianna, Sartana, Marjana, Joon, Vivica, Magni, Isarnia even. Leo not so much, but you could do worse.

Yes, thank you. :kissing_heart: I just checked. You’re right.

His debuff can’t be dispelled.


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