🧙 Anastasia – 4* Holy / Yellow from Tower of Magic

Is she wizard or sorcerer ?

Thx, I will fix this…


I like her obviously! Perhaps irrationally. But look at those stats! Her “power” is higher than Evelyn+12, not that power means anything though. Very Fast speed and summons 5 minions (132HP each)… she might be the best farmer in the game for Atlantis/Valhalla!


@KPB …did you take Anastasia to max and emblem her?
How did she play?

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Anastasia is the most underpowered 4* Event hero I think in 2021. Unusable in defense, even Bloody Battle because low HP minions are a liability with Costume Frank (mini-Skadi) out. Her class doesn’t reinforce either of her special skills.

The 2x charge lacks the direct damage of Aodhan and is slower speed (considerably so with the slayer family bonus making Aodhan slightly faster than slow mana heroes). Sailor 'Stasia fiends absorb a bit more HP but not significantly so.

Some 5x AoE direct damage on both items would make her usable considering the sorcerer class.


Agree. She is unusable in her current form. Shame…the art is bangin’.


Ach, typical that I got this one and Anton, who has also recently been outed as unimpressive. Still, I shall level both of them in time because they should be interesting to play with, just won’t expect great things.

How did you get 821 attack? I went all attack on emblem path and only got to 762. Even with limit break not sure how to get the extra 60 attack

this is the unbroken version with attack priority. the extra 5 levels give those extra stats.


I’m going to max these out and play around with formations, wondering how long I can survive in Diamond


Consider giving crit troop to Anastasia. Her speed is magic so she won’t need that much mana bonus from troop and she will summon healthier minions

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Thanks, great point :+1:

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