We are a year old alliance who has never gone more than three weeks without opening a war chest. 83% win ratio sustained over that year!

We cap titans at 11* to keep mat use and membership low. We kill all rares and merc on pass titans. We always finish Path of Valor titans with no mercing.

We are looking for one member that has 25+ 5* heroes, level 25+ troops, who is willing to do either free for all or a loose strategy in war, depending on the opponent. Our group has been together a long time and is friendly, focused, and knowledgeable. No drama here, just dead titans and filled war chests. You can message me here or Line ID: tsataya


Join her guys, good peeps.


Bump this at least once a month or it will be closed tsataya. Then people will no longer see it so I’m bumping it for you now. Good luck with recruiting and hope all is well.

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You’re the best thank you!

The war record is now 97-18. Come be part of the 100th war win! We are going to party like it’s 1999. Well probably not, but it will be fun. Titans die easily, save your food and iron for emblems and troops.

Fresh war chest. We are sitting at 15 and kill our titans in 12 hours. We would add 1-2 just for fun and depth. Happy warring, ya’ll!

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