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Need help for my AW defense Team. :slight_smile:

AW team now.

My heroes:

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My war teams are always taylored regarding the enemy I am attacking. Color Stack 2 or more heroes against the tank. Do I need a dispeller, cleanser? Which (de-)buffs will serve me best. One healer is also helpful most of the time.

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Danke für den Hinweis. :slight_smile:

Your heroes are far too high level for my play experience (still ascending my first 5☆). Nevertheles, I’ll try helping by stating the obvious questions.
Why no going rainbow? You may change Victor with JF, if their deffense stats are not very dissimilar. Also, if you could ascend her… wouldn’t be better Vivica (health and deffense up) than Inari for deffense? (because Inari attak is very high, but her deffense is low) But, well Ariel is sure a better healer… though in the scenario I proppose you may want to change her with Fenris.
You could directly ask to more seasoned players by writing @ and then the name of the player, whithout spaces. (Example, I will be @Otherpeter)

Does your alliance run mono tanks? And if so what color?

Yes, Mono. Blue Tank.

Just to give you a rainbow defense which overall seem to do better maybe switch out Victor for JF

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Ok. Thank you. :slight_smile:

I personally think JF sucks and would rather have Wilbur or Boldtusk in his place.

But I also really dislike Inari too.

Sorry, I missed the word defense totally.

Yes, go Rainbow, try JF instead of Victor. I would not recommend boldtusk, two healers are too weak, Falcon is too squishy and I dislike Wilbur more in defense than Inari.

Damn , just crap all over whatever I said why don’t ya lol. Ok go with whatever he says, have fun with that.

No Problem. Thank you. :slight_smile:

To be fair, saying a hero sucks or that you dislike a hero with no reasoning is not advice, but an opinion.

GL with your war @Cocoeeee1, any advice I could give is moot given war has started.

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@Cocoeeee1 I know war has already started, but from next one onwards you can try - Kingston, JF, Ariel, Seshat, Inari - in that order. But in the future, you might want to replace Inari with a yellow sniper, and Ariel with Richard. :slight_smile:

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With no healer in the team?

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Ok fair enough. I personally would have had 2 healers ( Ariel and Boldy ) and three snipers. Ariel on top of healing boosts mana, and Boldy adds buffs plus healing and is annoying to take down. The three snipers being GJ, Seshat and Kingston. JF doesn’t do any initial damage and I personally have never had any issues with him cause I always have a cleanser to counter him should he go off. Inari never bothered me either , her special CAN make hitting enemies take a bit longer but that’s ALL she does. They’re both wastes of 5* heroes, and there’s a few more like that. Also , all the snipers I mentioned are Fast to Very Fast.

I hope I can summon Telluria for the next days. Is she a good option for my team. She could replace Inari…?

Telly is an awesome tank. I’ve faced soo many Tellys in diamond, and if she can fire her special multiple times, you can’t fire any specials - super tough.

I agree with @ThePirateKing Inari should be replaced with a fast yellow sniper, as Inari shines on offense when you can time her special before the likes of Gravy or Vela fires. On defense, she’s a lot easier to counter. FYI - I have Inari on my purple titan rather than Onatel or a second Poseidon though, because she has good tile damage.

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Tell is great and I have her/him , not exactly sure which. 3 more days to get her , good luck :blush:

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