Struggling with war attack teams - need help

Hi all, I’m new here and don’t know much how this works here but I’ll try it.
I’m playing since October and have already a lot of good but not max levelled heroes and I’m struggling in wars with my teams. In PvP I’m now always in Diamond. Maybe the community can help me constructing good teams and which heroes I have to focus on.
Here’s the list:
Greens: Telluria, Zeline, Kasshrek, Little John, Tarlak, Morgan le Fay
Reds: Mitsuko, Elena, Boldtusk, Wilbur, Sumitomo
Blues: Vela, Finley, Sonja, Kiril, Magni, Misandra, Alice
Yellows: Neith, Vivica, Gretel, Wu Kong, Malosi, Joon
Purple: Kunchen, Rigard ©, Proteus, Obakan, Jabberwock, Tiburtus, Sartana.

Welcome here,

You should start with 3 complete rainbow sets of 3*, then 3 complete rainbow sets of 4*.
They help you to get the ascension materials you require for your 5* from titans, challenges…

Can you provide full view of your roster, what you already have?

Please read here, too

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Of course…like I said I’m new in this forum and didn’t had the time to read all the rules :wink: there is quite a lot…but already would thank you for your response.

Hiya @Zion0991

Might I suggest this tool:
Tool for tracking your profile's progress and sharing it with other people (for feedback or advice)

One of its many functions is that it allows you to pre-plan your War Teams (all 6 of them). This way you can build them ahead of time so you can focus on what synergy/ specials you want to try to line-up with each other.


Thx Guvnor…will give it a try…

Nice tool @Guvnor…helps really easy to create nice teams and levelling plans…

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Yup; I love it!

The alliance aspect is also really good at finding common tanks & which colour is best too.

I’d love to take credit but all the credit goes to @GDIBass!

Feel free to make a donation to show appreciation


Txh @GDIBass for the tool :slight_smile:


Glad you like it! Thanks for the spoiler :stuck_out_tongue:

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