War defence help - Best Line up Needed


i am so much in confusion . My alliance using YELLOW as a tank currently and i want some defensive setup. Please suggest . i listed the heroes below. I got lots of suggestions from elder but still i need more ideas. please help.

PURPLE/RED as a flank

Finley - Zimkitha - Vivica - Ursena - Kingston

I would use them.


Thanks Buddy . i am going use it in this war

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I wish you luck in battle :slight_smile:

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Imho, Zim-Vivica make a “safe zone” for enemies to charge tiles nonstop with little consequences. A team like this has a good chance of getting oneshot the first 2 times (vs an A and a B team).

I would try a:

The team is getting oneshotted the first time around most likely, unless Zim+Kage manage to snipe something worthy. But, again imho, it should get more difficult to oneshotted on the second go vs a B team.

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Would you call “little consequences” having your team hitted by a Zimkitha’s empowered Ursena with Finley and Kingston cleaning up the leftowers?

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Yes, I rather see Zim+Viv doing 4 ults before I do one of mine. Rather than have many other heroes do 2 ults on my team before I do 1.

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If you say so, but snipers aren’t really good tank material and Ursena is way better than Kageburado :man_shrugging:

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I’m not saying I’m in the right. Just saying how I see it, out of the 3 Yellows he is forced to use for his Guild war yellow strat. I rather use Poseidon, he can ress and do something (maybe). Rather than a Vivica that is most likely only healing herself while doing nothing really impactfull while opponent charge his ults to combo.

The Ursena over a Kage is a really good point, and I’m more bias towards a 1kattack Kage with a 13 mana troop, that with some random white attacks or a Zimb buff+random white attacks is all your defense needs to take down really quickly one hero. But, I cant argue with Ursena’s constant value over the long run vs Kage slim value on rng situations.

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MN is enough for healing.
Mits will make it risky to stack blue.
Joon as a monk is very durable and more emblemmed than Poseidon.
Ursena will make it risky to stack yellow.
Vela will make it risky to stack red.

I like aoe better for war defense, your team will often survive with holes. you want to compensate with aoe when possible.

Unfortunately, yellow is your worst color for center units but I think my recommended team will do you good during round 2. in round 1, you’ll be monopurpled and no lineup will matter. in round 2, the attacker will need to green on you, which is a more expensive color to have good heroes in.

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I think @FraVit93’s suggestion is my favorite, and he’s helped me in the past. They will likely stack dark against this team but Ursena will fire and like he said if Zim fires 1st it’s pretty close to game over for your opponent. They would likely regret dumping tiles there at this point :wink:

@Kara0ke has some valid points and his team could put out some damage quickly. Plus his Viv/Zim tile dump is true but all the while your other hero’s are getting mana’d up.

@CoreyOfTheIsland has something I’ve been working on, the “who do I stack against this guy” team. This may create some issues in the 2nd round when no one has anything useful to stack effectively
Not to mention MN going off and reviving the entire team so you get to do it ALL again.

Good Luck in your war (unless you’re my alliances opponent :face_with_monocle:) hope whichever you choose works out well for you.


I would go Mother North/Ursena/Joon/JF/Finley because they are the heroes in your line up that punish the most when skills are fired.

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that’s fine- it’s also important to adjust your team depending on the war rules as well, what works for free heals isnt necessarily best for arrows.

if you are set on vivica tank, you might also experiment with zim in the corner left and Kage on the left flank

Zim kage vivica ursena Poseidon

Get you some of that yurple action in play.

Best advice is to keep changing it up every war until you have actual results to decide with and not just our conjecture. :slight_smile:

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THIS! This is very important. Instead of completely redoing your defense try making small changes. I remember when I started my Defense was getting slaughtered every night. Instead of scrapping it I moved Kiril from flank to left wing, changed everything

Sorry @CoreyOfTheIsland I always have this shortage of likes. I think I get a total of 20 and somehow manage to use them all in one post? Or I go to sleep out of likes and wake up still out of likes. Because both posts deserved a like, as did the ones above. Good information is good information. Don’t get the gimp on likes. Maybe give us “unlikes” too?


Really I am following different lineups and picking up the best. Also its give the game more interesting

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