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My alliance team is full 29 /30 members… of which only about 6 players are active. The leader is also inactive… Is there a way to edit or kick out the inactive members and take over the alliance?

Most easy - create own alliance and let all active rejoin there. That way some of active members is admin with all permissions and you don’t depend on someone else.

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No, there is no way. SG should implement a way.

Thanks for that RedPython

I will explore… it’s very expensive game all round… 4.99 for 400 gems… 50 gems to start alliance… if gems were cheaper… people would buy more… 99p for 200… is the best by far… I could go on but you probably have no controlls over it… but thanks again for reply

If you’re active bunch, another option is to join some another alliance. Check ingame chat - there’s room called general, and then you have also recruiting room… So you can peak a bit, and say ‘there’s 6 of us and we want to go together in an active alliance, who has that much space?’ and see what happens. Also, check who has discord - line and you can talk more before you join.
And definitely find some other communication way for you 6 except ingame chat, so you can more easily coordinate transfer.

I mean, jumping over alliances is a fact you have to accept, it’s hard to build up your own, much easier to join active one. And don’t be afraid to change it if people aren’t nice, active, or if your life seeks less active obligations at some point.

I changed several, and managed to jump into family of alliances whose several members are among top 100 alliances… Mine isn’t, and I don’t care, I have great time nevertheless and we’re killing 8star titans as a rule :slight_smile:

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Nope, sorry
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