A question about dormant Alliances

I played this game about two years ago, created a Alliance, had some good times. I left because of how Raids were affecting my attitude toward the game, but that’s another story.
Before I left, I promoted my best alliance member to leader, made sure the family was in good hands. Then I left.

I recently rejoined the game after a two year absence.
And I was delighted to see that the Alliance I’d created before, was still alive! So of course I joined it.
I’m the 30th of 30 members of the alliance “Passion and Fury”.
But …
The alliance leader - not the fellow I appointed, somebody else - hasn’t been on in over a month. Many, more than half of the members, haven’t been on in over six months, Some, a year or more. Some joined, played for a day, and apparently deleted the game from their phones.

It’s a dormant alliance.

The Alliance rule, as stated over the door, is that members who don’t log in for seven days get the boot.
I would ask the Leader about that, but if course he’s not on.

Looking around, I noticed dozens of dormant alliances, ones where one fellow logged in for a couple of days, bought some gems, made an alliance, then lost interest and moved on. Some have been dormant for two years or more.

So my question is, do the Devs or admin have a way of stepping in to oversee Alliances? Can they overrule or eject members?
I’d like mine to become more active again, but I can’t do that if it’s full of dead weight.

Do I have any options open to me other than just give up and move on?

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Honestly it sounds like your best option is to either start fresh or find an alliance that meets what you game goals are and join up with them

You’re probably right. That’s a shame though, you know?

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Yeah it is. I wish you the best of luck in your gaming adventure whether that be starting a new alliance or finding a new one to join

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You could start a new alliance with the active members of your old alliance? Good luck :slight_smile:

For inactive alliances in general there’s a mega-old thread somewhere…
Remove inactive Alliances
or about inactive leaders


Welcome back to, the game.
Unfortunately, the leader holds all the power. Even if you were promoted to Co-leader, the leader can still return and kick everyone out if they wanted to. The fact the new leader hasn’t been active for a month, I’m surprised your old alliance is full :confounded:. So you must have some great people who are succeeding in the absence of leadership.

I would also suggest starting a new alliance, although working your way from 1* titans can be tedious and has its drawbacks. Or you could join an active alliance - you have a plethora of options if you check out the alliance recruitment section.


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You can do it if you make another alliance and recruit non dead weights

Or join an existing alliance not full of dead weight

Don’t need a dev to do that


Closing as a duplicate post.

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