How to get ppl to join good active alliance

How do I get new members for an open alliance that has 10-12 active members and everybody in our alliance participates in the wars and titan kills… plus we are very supportive of new players and cheer them along… Alliance name U R FUBAR…is it the name???


Same here, I even put us on alliance recruitment, opened the alliance and nobody joined for 2 months. Maybe we got herpes! :joy:

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Lol yes something like that Van…on my way to dr for vd check :crazy_face::crazy_face:

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What I don’t get is that every 2nd alliance with around 20 members have half inactive for months, sometimes the leader too and those active ones stay and stay and stay, makes zero sense to me. :pensive:

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Wish I knew! We have the same problem. We have had the same core alliance for many months.

We are in the low 20s for members.

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Ive just been told by one of my smarter members that when searching for an alliance they are listed alphabetically so i may change the name to Aall R FUBAR and see how we go

I agree i left Blacktop Runners and its a leaderless alliance and one of the best players is still there nothing more than an elder

Hmm, i don’t see that, when I go to alliance and just search without a name to search for, there are always different ones and not alphabetical!? When we started we were 5, went up to 12 and now are the same 5 again, cause the ones who joined did their own stuff, we had to release some and some simply stopped playing without saying a word. Not easy to find fitting ones with dedication or at least listening to the basics for war and titans. We thought about merging for a while and maybe have to do that someday, although none of us wants to abandon our 200+ day alliance. :fox_face:

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Never understood that, I would at least talk to the active ones and build a new alliance. And it’s always unfair if leaders just quit without making someone else leader to clean up the alliance. I guess some don’t care about what they leave behind. :neutral_face:

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I wonder… Have you tried making an ad in the alliance recruitment section? I’ve had good success finding great members to join via the forum.

Alliance Recruitment via Global chat is not for the faint hearted. There is also an Alliance Recruitment line via discord.

Good luck


Thx! I’ve put an ad here in the forums alliance recruitment long time ago and renewed it. We have discord, maybe I will try it there. What I still don’t get is why new ones join inactive alliances, it could happen at a point where you don’t understand it, but why stay? :thinking:

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Because they don’t know. If you have been only in one alliance you might not know how others work. And in game alliance search and recuitment is difficult for both parties. Some people also feel loyalty/attachment for the first alliance they happened to join (which is often a random choice).

But there is recuitment on Forum, Line, Discord, Reddit, FB and those want to play active will eventually find out.


Thnk u SilverDragonR i might give that a go…and thank you all 4 ur input its been very helpful…to the game!!! Here Here

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The name might be part of it but recruiting is “hard work.” When you get your alliance filled it will be a little easier. I would change the name.

I’ve never had luck posting for recruits in the recruiting forum here. Where I recruit is in the Alliance Recruiting channel. I post a banner every couple of minutes (longer if the room is not very actuve. ) Expect to spend many hours in the AR chat room to get your alliance full.

You want your recruiting banner to be short and sweet. Nobody reads ads that fill the screen and they are annoying. Here us what I use to recruit.

:skull:[#F61F1F]Outlaw Warriors:skull: [#FFFF00] [#FF0000]requires :[#FFFF00] titan hits, 6 war hits, 1200 cups [#F48942]8-9* titans 1 spot

Building an alliance is hard work. Recruit. Kick players who don’t hit titans or who leave flags on the battlefield. Recruit and repeat. You won’t keep your active players if you let inactives drag you down.

Pick your coleaders based on them being actual leaders and being active and willing to help others. As your alliance grows you will need them to help you run it.

Get Line or Discord and create Rooms for your alliance. Educate your players.

Good luck and don’t get discouraged.


I did change the name but not by much…thank you for your support and guidance…we have had a few join and I am quite strict on participating and staying active…and my co leaders are very helpful :blush: thanks again

How do I recruit with line? Is there a specific chat?

Yes. I could add you to a few if you want. LINE silver_dragon-r

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