Alliance 4 newbees

Is there an alliance for new players where their can learn the ropes and if not than why not?

Have you looking in the recruitment chat room? There are lots of alliances looking for members there.


There are many training alliances around, if you ask in alliance recruitment room someone will give you the names of some

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May be that these people have what you seek, not sure :slight_smile:

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Thank u 4 your input but what I am really after is why are the alliance that help newbees not easy to find like in the game coz I only learn about alliance that do help today for the first time! I did not know a lot of things about this game I went so far as to restart the game 4 times and I still did not know when in war you need 5 teams of 5 of heros I look for as much as I could on this game and yes this forum haves help me but no wear near enough again I say newbees need some help a video on what is about to happen would have been helpful is all I really want

Alliances that help newbies just advertise in alliance chat, they exist because some people try to help befinners. And I agree with you, past week I posted that the tutorial at the start of the game should be enhanced, including among other things, the social possibilities of the game.

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Thank u 4 your help! I have seen a few players being so up set at the game that their just gave up on the game now I not that easily fooled so I kept at it but dam the learning curve is pretty high so I understand why some people hate this game!

I was just logging in to post an ad for my new alliance.

Trying something new. It’s a teaching alliance. Get players started in the right direction, so they avoid pitfalls.

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