Alexandrine or C. Isarnia

So I have enough to Ascend another blue hero. My two targets are Alexandrine and Isarnia(and then her costume).

Healers are nice to have always, but truth be told I don’t use Alex for her healing ability. I use her for her crit effect.

So do I have my answer or do I need to be convinced to pull the trigger on another healer. My Ariel is using up the motes. Alexandrine would have none to few.

Depends on your other hero’s. If you have Athena or morel for DD consider leveling Alex, I have both, Isarnia fully levelled using her in my mono blue. She is really good (but slow) , Alex I kept in bench because I have C Kiril and Zircon for heal and Jott for titans. I got Athena recently so I will use Isarnia only for rush once I level Athena.

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  • Alexandrine
  • C.Isarnia

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Nice pull. Been hoping for Athena if if was just to have her. As is my Blues consist of Ariel, Vela, Master Lepus, Kiril, and Alexandrine. As much as I would like to Ascend Alexandrine I just don’t think I’m ever gonna realize her as a healer.

I do have Grimm, Boril, Sonya, and Captain of Diamonds to fill some roles as well. Magni and Richard are recent acquisitions, but they are far off from being level. (Trying to get my Purples in order)

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Both Isarnia and Alexandrine will be useful against titans. In your case I prefer Isarnia. She will do better in blue mono. You already have Ariel for heal. That’s just my thoughts :grinning: I didn’t level alexandrine so I can’t talk much about her, used her little bit in beta only. Jott can be easy replacement for alexandrine, you don’t need mats and u can get him easily.

So I also have an Alexandrine question…did they (the dev’s) nerf her? I’m finding it darn near impossible to ascend her past 3rd ascension lvl 70. What gives? Should I keep her or ditch? Thanks

What do you mean you find it impossible to ascend her? You don’t have the telescopes you need?

I love mine and use her a lot in both raid’s and on titans. She is a keeper.

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Yeah, the telescopes are impossible for me. Ive landed 1 in the last 6 months. Still need 2 more.

That’s not a nerf its a lack of ascension mats. And no matter how long it takes to get the scopes, why in the world would you ‘ditch’ her? Do you mean feed her away? Why in the world do that?

If I were you, I would choose Alex. Isarnia is slow and her stats are very weird. Her defense is too low. Even after completing full emblems, she would still be weak, IMHO. If you need blue defense down, you can use blue 4*. How about Frank or something? Same slow, but it doesn’t need telescopes and 5* aethers to be competitive. How about Costumed Kiril? Its mana speed is average. Anyway, it all depends on your roster and AMs. Cheers.

Alexandrine is a great offensive hero for stacks especially her crit. if you want to use her in raids, i would prefer the faster hero.

Whats your Red titan team? i
I guess Alexandrine can work on titan with third ascension and her heal passive on burn, while isarnia is too weak defensively if not maxed and - 44% defense is still very good to this day.

Not my first choice anymore on offense but a set hero for titans.

I just mean stop using her…I have not seen any part of the game offer the mats needed in a timely fashion for the ascension. I find her extremely useful, but if I can’t use her over 70, and other heroes are 80 with better stats, then I’ll choose my lvl 80 heroes to use. I really like her though. I use her almost exclusively as a healer while pvp.