Aegir or Triton

I have all things to make Aegir tier 4 but now is kida useless and I her some voice like they change Aegir Shortly in to a better defender and my question is when they will change it to be much better or for now I should make Triton to tier 4 instead Aegir.

Choose Aegir, it will be buffered in the version March 20 and you have time to prepare the climb to the top. However little they do, it will surpass Triton.

Ok so in witch way they are going to change Aegir? Tks

yeah. I’ve got aegir on the bench and capes to spare… but I’ll have to see the changes before I even consider Aegir as a potential player for me.

I say max triton. it’s faster, it’s a good hitter and you will always get more capes.

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@Kerridoc you are a beta tester, can you confirm that Aegir will be buffed on March as Ber mentioned?

Please some lights here my friend.

Staff confirmed that there will be a set of “rebalancings” in version 20, and that Aegir would be “rebalanced”. March sounds about right.

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Aegir is a charging post and unless they give him some hit potential he’ll always be a soft target. Triton is more useful and quicker to max.

What’s means “rebalancing” they are going to ad something like hit or share damage like Wilbur?? Any information?

I think it all remains to be seen, but I’m looking forward to which heroes may get a buff.

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