Aegir emblem talent stackable

Quick search didn’t reveal any answers.

Anyway does anyone know if emblem talent overrides or stacks with aegirs skill?

Stacks if memory serves


Agree - stack. They’re different symbols (which tends to mean they stack).


Thanks guys! He is my only viable paladin, would hate to see the hard earned talent actually act as a debuff :slight_smile:

Yeah, that totally makes sense. I’ll try to remember to look for this today during my raids and get confirmation.


It stacks.

20 defense buffs


Aegir being your only viable paladin…things could be much worse for ya! That’s a great problem to have! I almost have him to 4/70 and he’s awesome.

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Hahah i agree! What i actually meant is that i have no other 5 or 4 star that could tempt me into giving them paladin emblems. Unlike some other classes, there is no dilemma, Aegir is the one and only correct answer for me.

Also approaching 4.70 and i really like him, especially on offense :slight_smile:

I think Aegir and Ares are close. Edge to Aegir, but Ares +20 should be very tough and lacking an exploitable vulnerability.

That said, I dislike fighting Aegir more.

I am giving mine to gunmar :). Nice to see aiger being appreciated now that he is buffed.

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@bumblecat, it took me two days, but I got an Aegir to proc while his special was up. You can see his defense is boosted 55%: 30% from his special and 25% from his talent. Note also that both icons show on his card and on the main screen (the defense up symbol and the silver shield for his talent).

Incidentally, I made a huge comeback and won this battle.


Thank you very much for confirming it! Ill definitely give him the emblems without any reservation :slight_smile:


Correct :slight_smile: Different status effects symbols usually stack.

There are some exceptions to that rule, which I’ve noted in this guide: 📑 Status Effects - Buffs and Ailments

happy stacking! :wink:


@DaveCozy, that thread is amazing! Thank you for sharing it; I had somehow not seen it before.

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