Is Aegir still a viable tank/hero in this current meta?

He was before my time so I’ve never used him, but I did read he got a buff and then now he also has the HoTM family bonus that adds defense and element link that heals all heroes for 6 turns.

I did so many summons trying to get Athena or Alasie and pulled him instead, I do have better blues to ascend but I wonder if he’s still worthy of ascension? I have 2 other 2018 HOTMs so he could get a 20% defense bonus and I also have a huge supply of paladin emblems (since I stripped Ares ages ago). Does the fact his special is dispellable make him irrelevant?

Does my Bobo make a better tank on war defense or does he have a use against titans?

I guess I see where he could really shine is in buff booster tournaments :smiley:

Anyway just asking as haven’t really seen any recent discussions on him, and not since the HoTM bonuses. If I missed a thread please share!

Aegir is past his prime.

While it’s nice that he gets tank stats we are in a meta of defense down heroes and heroes that hit all.


Morel, Frigg, Octros, Wolfgang etc.

If I’m able to put def down on your heroes I would like them to share recieved damage. Because now I’m able to deal more damage to everyone else.
Not to mention he is too slow for the current meta, most dispellers will be ready by the time he fires if needed.

Your best bet is Bobo especially if you are going to use him for vfast wars.


Aegir surely isnt past his prime. He is very versatile, very solid defence on top of family bonus and two sorts of healings.

Just in case if you plan to use him on defense, be mindfull, that enemy can bring def down heroes where shared dmg can be a debuff for you. Thats why, you need to support Aegir with fast cleanse on flank or another hero who buffs defense :wink:

For offense, he is magical!


Thanks for your tips, I think my C. Francine would make a good flank to him perhaps, or even my GM as the elemental link would buff defense for the team every time he goes off. Some food for thought :slight_smile:

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To be viable he should cleanse and be undispellable, between Malosi, Mist, Onix or random defense reduction heroes he isn’t able to hold his ground in V formations.

He is still ok as an attacking hero and he is great in buff booster tournaments.


I most certainly think that Aegir is the past if we are talking about regular Raiding! You might find him usefull to get into 2400 range but beyond that… I think he is an obsolate tank!

HOWEVER (before you guys take me apart)!!!

In every other aspect of the game he is usefull!

Incuding raid tournaments and pve, like events and maps.

In a war game he can still be a “re-card-check”. Of course not when everybody can field 8-10 4500 plus teams to attack with. But in the “fun-level”, where the alliance average defense team power is around 4000-4400 and the atrackers have to attack these with less-than-4000 teams he can be a bouncer! In a developing roster he is a strong addition to a war team even to a defense team. But if 4200-4400 attackers are present than basically all of them has a tool to open the lock he tries to keep shut.

My 2 G


Aegir allows you to safely dump tiles on him, plus he is countered by two season 1 4*s. He has never been a good tank in my opinion.


Aegir can be useful in buff booster tournaments.

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He has never been a good tank in REGULAR raid formats…

I fully agree!

But he can be a nightmare in coordinated color wars, raid tournament’s and “easy-win” button in hard stages or hard modes…

The game has many aspects!

He is outdated in ONE!!!

@Headhunter … I liked your comment because you are right! Aegis poses no threat in regular raiding!

But the game has so many more aspects!


I really like him though, I have Mica fully emblemed and LB but I wish I had Aegir, he’s much better in that role imo.

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^ This. If he did something offensively sure. But as a tank, dump tiles, get everyone ready to fire, dispel and kill. I’ve had him a long time and doubt I will ever bring him past 3/70.

Frankly, in my opinion, healers as tanks, with no offensive capabilities is not a good choice.

Edit: If he is all you have and have a limited roster, then ignore the above. The best hero is sometimes the only one you have. When I finally pulled him, I had plenty other choices.

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He combos well with Snow White.

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I have Aegir, used him quite awhile ago as a blue tank. I rarely use him now. If war opponents are using coordinated red tank, I sometimes use him on my weakest attack team (depends on the opponent’s team).

There are so many dispellers now across most if not all the colors, dispel is his Achilles heel.

A lot of factors go into choosing to ascend. The relative level you play at (want to play at), how much you spend on summons, how many ascension mats you’re holding, your overall roster, other blue heroes you have to ascend, and your troop levels. That’s what I can think of off-hand.

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I agree with most comments. For Raid or War defense he is quite low on the Blue scale. He is the ONLY blue non season 1 5star I have ever gotten and I have been playing for over 4 years and I dont use him much (he slips into a war attack team pretty regularly). So as someone with limited Blue options I would use C Magni or Isarnia as tank before I used him.

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Thanks all! The only thing that confuses me is that a lot of people are saying Aegir’s downfall is that he can be dispelled and used to dump tiles on, but isn’t that similar with Krampus and he’s still considered one of the best tanks? If I have a dispeller on hand, Krampus is a breeze for me even with taunt.

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I never thought he was good on defense if I’m being honest. He is a pure support on offense only type of hero, capable of being the best healer in the game when paired with the right team aka alexandrine, Miki, morel, Aegir, Odin/Frigg. Why is that team good? Increases the damage output of each tile to the point each tile can heal a hero for up to 450+ each. Aegir, when paired correctly, is a great hero, but you have to have a bunch of paywall heroes to best utilize him, so he gets crapped on a lot.


Krampus summons minions and buff all ally attacks. Undispellable def up.

Aegir was never a great tank to begin with since the beginning. He is great in a mono blue attack setup with probably Kiril/Grimm/Alex/etc type of team. If board is willing with a mono blue the team is practically unkillable and works great against titans.

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