Advice on what event to pull

So I’ve been playing almost 2 weeks now, and this is my team after 3 10x pulls during Grimforest. Wasn’t happy considering no 5 star, HOTM. But I guess odds weren’t in my favor - so atleast Hansel, Grimm, and BT are solid 4 stars for now.

My main problem is I really suck in defense and titans… my lineup isn’t great for that. Of course leveling my heroes some more will help of course.

But I still have enough gems for 3 more 10x pulls, so I’m really wondering what is the best event to spend them on based on what I already have.

  • Guardians seems like a good bet if I can get Falcon… but the odds of getting Panther is super low (Owl and Kong not worth it?)
  • Avalon has some good heroes - are pulls here less risky?
  • I know Atlantis also has some good heroes…

Anyway. If some of you have advice on what you think would help balance out my roster and which event is probably the smartest bet to use 30 pulls on - that would be appreciated! Cheers :grinning:

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@Jakku Gratz on Hansel! He’s one of the best 4*!

You have some great heroes, definitely worth maxing.
Hansel and Grimm are fragile but very good on raids.

Don’t worry about your defense, it’s going to get pummeled even with maxed 5*.

Just continue to work on your current heroes for now.

I would recommend guardians, jackal falcon and panther with their elemental defense down will be great vs titans.

Some other key heroes to aim for are wu, Wilbur and proteus. Latter 2 from Atlantis if you are lucky. Good luck!!


Guardians is best option, but cuz you play onlyn2 weeks u should focus on lvl your heroes rether pull more, u are missing all ascending mats for all heroes now so getting mire no metter how good they are wont do any deference. U will still be stuck nit abaling to maxing them out.
But guardians have 2 great epics and panther and it is next month so save your gems till it pops and lvl you heroes till then.
U got a solid 4 star group and during the first few month u should focus on having atleast 2 full groups of epics. Good luck


Atlantis is great to wait for because of the amount of older HOTMs it contains. And Wilbur is the best!!! One of my all time fav epics. But have Hansel too. Also great. Anyway I’d say Atlantis is a great one to start with.


Hi @Jakku, and welcome to the forum.

@l2ider has some good advice about events and Atlantis.

My comment would be that Proteus is probably the single most useful 4* out there for getting through Events, Rare Quests and Seasonals (and thus getting the guaranteed non-farmable ascension material).

I’d add, though, that unless you’re planning on spending a lot, you should look at the pulls as occasional things that can get you some useful heroes, rather than a mechanism for filling holes in your roster. The probabilities on any particular hero are just too low over 10, or 30, or even 100 pulls.

You have a bunch of good heroes in there that I can see. Caedmon and Melendor are both strong additions to your squad (I’m in a top 100 alliance and still use both of them in almost every war).

Concentrate on leveling 3* to build your capability to color stack and fight in wars, and then add 4* in as they bring something specific to the table. That will do a lot more for you in the near term than a 30-pull is likely to.


I started a little more than 5 months ago… first thing i did was getting VIP that way could get a 2nd builder to speed up SH and TC… then once i get 300 gems pulled on elemental Red since need a red hero… got Hawkmoon… then next atlantis, the same week i started to play… bought the offer of 1600 gems for about $4 (always a good deal) that gives u also 100 atlantis coins… kept the gems and with the coins got Friar Tuck… got Balthazar and Ulmer from daily free summons and with Bane completed my first rainbow *3… then focused to get this team maxed… saving daily gems from VIP… my first *4 was Sabina from an EHT i got from an elemental chest…then Chao from another EHT from Mystic Vision… next Month again bought Atlantis offer kept gems and with the 100 Atlantis coins got Gadeirus my 3rd *4…

I was pretty lucky to find an alliance with great people that includes p2p, c2p & f2p players… all really nice, supportive and very important active players…

With saved gems my first 10 pull was on Atlantis got my first *5 Musashi at this point had 2 maxed *3 teams… was working on Sabina Chao and Gadeirus…

I pulled on Grimmforest my first event after a month and a half of being playing… did a 10x pull… did not get any event hero but luckily got Scarlett, Little John, Wu , Sonya, Melendor and another Sabina… getting 6 *4 in a 10 pull was above average… but with that i could complete my first rainbow *4

So my recommendation is that you must look for a balance…not all is about pulling

  • Looking for a good alliance is a key factor for success… titans, alliance wars and advice for more experienced players could be really helpful…

  • Try to complete at least 2 monsters chest and 1 hero chest per day… they are sources of ascension materials…

  • once you have your first *3 team maxed and working on your first *4 there are some heroes that are game changing… mine was Wu Kong…(and probably same for many people)… once i have him maxed my performance on titans improved a lot… that helped me to get ascension material more easily and start growing my roster…

  • best events for pulling are Grimmforest to get the mana control heroes (mainly Hansel, but also Gretel)…Guardians to get the elemental def down heroes (Jackal, Falcon and Panther, even this last one being a *5 is extremely hard to get) and Avalon for getting another good Mana Control with Merlin and also Guinevere the top1 tank in game (even again is extremely hard to get)… but besides this Atlantis Event last thursday of each month is by far the best place to pull, odds are a little better, includes some of the best *4 in game with good odds to get (proteus, wilbur triton) very nice *3 (namahage, gato,) and also former good heroes of the month and a some of the top *5 heores like Ariel, Tarlak… and also important with every 10 pulls in atlantis u can open a chest that includes either a *3 or *4 ascension mat u need to level your *4 and *5 heroes… Atlantis overall is the best place to pulll…

But once again do not rush on pulling… look for a balance…and really important look for a pretty supportive and active alliance…


Welcome to the community!

As @Garanwyn has pointed out, don’t worry about 5 stars since you won’t have the mats to ascend them anyways. Even if you do get a 5*, focus on a 3 * bench and then a 4* bench.

Also a worthy mention since you are just 2 weeks in, Atlantis has a chest that rewards you with a bonus ascension mat chest for every 10 pulls. If you are looking for an accelerated bench, I would pull here since you will get 3*, 4* , an occasional 5* and some mats to help you level them.

Having heros is one thing, having them levelled is another. Most important point: be patient.

Good luck!


Wow, what a great community we have here!

@l2ider - Thanks, and yeah - it seems like getting Wu would be especially clutch for titans from everything I’ve read.

@Jollyjoker - After reading your post I did more research on 4* and 5* ascension mats and now I understand the roadblock

@EVA01, @Garanwyn, @KaptainGanya & @XY3
Thanks for the warm welcome and detailed replies! You’ve all pretty much iterated that even though there are some good events out there, Atlantis is probably the best bet for me considering ‘all-around’ useful heroes and possibility of ascension mats.

I’ll definitely work on building up a useful 3* team or two in the meantime.

Thanks again all!


If you are gonna do 30x pulls, then do the Atlantis 30x pulls for 8400 gems.

Not only do you have a chance at featured past HoTMs and Atlantis heroes but you also get 3 ascension chests to get ascension mats (1 chest for every 10 summons).

The ascension mats do help to speed up of leveling of heroes since you need alot of them to level up your heroes (never enough at least for the first 6 months or so).

In regards to heroes, you have all the pros who commented above.


I can’t argue with that… it means I only have to wait 3 days instead of 3 weeks :wink:


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