Ursena or Sartana

Which one should I choose to upload first? Ursena or Sartana?


I just had this conversation myself with my alliance. I was fortunate enough to pull Ursena but after the awe of getting the latest and greatest, I took some time to dig into the reality of what her card offers compared to Sartana. I was already in the process of leveling Sartana when I pulled Ursena.

Sartana offers versatility in multiple roles where Ursena genuinely seems to only be functional in niche circumstances. Her special doesn’t hit hard at all, and unless you are facing multiple holy units, the rest of her special is almost pointless. We may just need more time to see where she lands overall, but right now, she doesn’t seem worth the effort in raising, or spending high value mats on to finalize her.


Ursena is not really dependable as hitter , mostly she is support with Holy Reflect + bit tanky even worse than Mitsuko. extra damage if HP > 50% is nice , but just wonder with Average Mana , mostly it happens in middle game which is not every opponent get 50%++ , Kage is better with VeryFast mana. i think Ursena should be Fast Mana. Averah totally killed her potential

in short , Sartana is better. well the only thing i like from Ursena is Family bonus , with Poseidon+Ariel it would be 10% Hp , if Atomos buffed would be 15% which is great


Sartana. Ursena is crap.

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I would do Ursena. She would increase your yellow titan’s damage by a good 15k and make all the yellow boss cower in fear, on top of dealing broken AoE damage.



Well, crap is maybe too much. She’s better than Atomos and Mok Arr…but she is pretty niche. Only really decent against holy enemies. Against other colors she’s underwhelming.

Ursena’s greatest strength is being a yellow titan basher, let’s be real lol:

  • High attack stat (760)
  • All allies reflect yellow special skills (titans usually hit multiple targets)
  • Strong against yellow
  • Skill deals extra damage against yellow

It’s true that Sartana is more useful in terms of versatility (being a fast sniper that was to be expected), but I would not count Ursena out.

Reminder that Titans show up every day and defeating as many as possible is the most consistent way of getting ascension mats.

I don’t have Urs, but I do have Mitsuko… shes forces blue titans to get destroyed by their skill (which is usually accompanied by a def- :wink: ), but her tile damage is bad against them. That is not even the case with Ursena who has strong tile damage against yellow titans.


Definetly Ursena.

She is a viable tank and an anti guin hero she reflects the mana steal.

Sartana is a good one but I would go for ursena.


If you have already 5* snipers go with Ursena, if not Sartana can be more usefull.


Care to weigh in on this?

Found ursena in a raid. She does very good damage


Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.


That yellow bonus damage though!

That hurts lol. Do you by chance remember the troops they were using?

I didn’t think much of Urs as a tank tbh, not until I saw this screenshot anyways. Mainly because although her Def is good, she has very average HP. But that damage seems like a serious way to discourage yellow stacks

Probably the most desirable team in the moment.


Dayum, thx for this, thats some heavy damage even to the non yellow heroes, but poor Jackal tho :joy:.
That was a tough raid tho, against 3 bigs of the Atlantis family, 2 very fast heroes, one fast and one of the best healers around.

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@DaveCozy. I dint checked their troops. I never do. But should be more carefully on that. Just wanted to atack ursena outside Atlantida

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Maybe 2 greens and 3 blues would have been a good choice…

I really like Ursena but the jury is still out on her overall effectiveness. Sartana is a tried and tested workhorse. So if you are new then get your foundation rock solid and max Sartana.


The troops are also quite crazy. :slight_smile:


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