Advice for the Dark Lord stage

That was fun!
I’m leveling Melia and maybe I’ll add few emblems, before I’ll give another try…
Still waiting for a compass to ascend Chao

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Yesterday I have beaten the Dark Lord with this on my alt. Kiril was the only one left alive but I didn’t bother much with healing because I had good board so I stopped using potions when I was sure I got it.

Interesting, it is a powerful team team, maybe your board was not so good…
By the way, why did they change Grimm’s name in your language? It’s weird.

Check @Bruno82
Apparently the dark lord had the Worst luck with a horrible board lol

Hate this “random” boards!


I’ve waited to level up some of the team above, it worked the second try


My team:
Melia 3/50 +3
BT 4/54
Li Xiu 4/39
Bane 3/50 +9

I’ve used all items:
5 medium mana potions, 5 super mana potions, 2 time stops, 3 dragon attacks

The only hero alive was Li Xiu

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Unfortunately got no 4* troops and my third Gan Ju as epic hero summon :frowning:

Defeated the DL with this team below:

Only Ranvir died.
Used about 4 minor mana potions.
Proteus and LiXiu helps prevent the DL from hitting any specials at all…


@karmas Do you have Grimm? If so I would replace Thorne with him so that you can be rotating the defense down on the dark lord.

All you need is Hansel :hugs: