Is training backlog normal?


I don’t want to sound weird or anything but is there anyone else out there doing this,…what I mean is, do any players have 60+ days of training time left? Or am I the only one. I have over 500 training right now…I’m just asking.

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My apologies if I’m in the wrong forum. I couldn’t find the new peer support thread.


I don’t want to be digging myself a hole I’ll be unable to climb out of later on.


Ive seen 350 days, what’s that special about it?


What level TC is that?


@Banutu,…ok,…then it is normal. Thanks


@Rook,…what’s TC? I’m still learning…wait,…you mean training camp! I just put that together…lol. The one with the training is lv 10. But I’m upgrading another to 13.


Training Camp. Sorry! I’m stuck in shorthand mode :grin:


It’s a common method that top players using to accumulate heroes and have heroes storage empty.
Good if you are at the end of the game.

If you have much more to upgrade, then have your TC blocked for so long time it’s not a good idea for me.

To optimize time and resources, you have to keep many doors open.
This way if someday you change your mind and want to lv up your TC, you can’t.


Sure you can, you just have to move the recruits around to a different TC. Which is a bit of a hassle when we’re talking 500+ trainings but it can be done.

That said upgrading all 4 TC’s? That’s ambitious :).


Not at all, for me is much more ambitious to rush only one TC on lv 20 and don’t have the resources to use it or feed an eventually 5* hero.

At the beginning i just lv up all my TC quite at the same time and stopped when i reach LV 14 for two (for Epic Summons), and lv 11 for the last.
Same time you get a single TC on 20, you can reach good levels with two.

Even now that i have 2 TC20 and can upgrade a third, i choose to no do it cause i have too much heroes to upgrade, and i waste some times to have enough resources to do all the rests.

So i pick instead to max a forge, as i see that items are the key for better results.


:grinning: I think we’ve all been here at some point! Still better than letting recruits go to waste because your houses are full!

It looks like you will have access to higher level training camps soon enough. Those can burn through recruits better. Your Stronghold will let you get most of the key camps already. The good news is, you can take the recruits and food back out of that training camp if you have enough space in your storages for all the resources used for the training you are cancelling. Not such a big deal with what you’ve got going there, but cancelling a training that takes 70-100 recruits and loads of ham hurts! lol!

If you are a paid player, and plan on buying your heroes, you can get your camps up to lvl 11, and use 2 as Extra Low Cost (2 recruits, 1000 food), and the third for level 1 or 2, depending on how you are for wooden swords/backpacks. Sometimes when those are scarce you’ll be using 3rd camp at lvl 11 as well. Then focus on your forge to get items that will make your team smash things better!

If you’re a free player, then I’d recommend getting to camp 12 right away (guaranteed 3* heroes). Only stay there long enough to get a decent 3* hero of each colour, then move right on to camp 13! Camp 13 gives a chance of 4* heroes, and you’ll need them to keep growing in the game. It’s not a high chance, but it’s still a chance to get them. The 3 stars won’t help much once you have a decent team started. And camp 13 will toss out a minimum of a 3* each day.

After that some will say push your forge to get battle items that will let you play with bigger titans, and get more chances for improved loot to ascend your heroes. Others will recommend pushing on and do what you need to to get to camp 20 so you can start getting a chance at 5* heroes, and a much improved chance at 4* heroes. (It looks like camp 20 has around a 19% drop rate for 4s, and 5% drop rate for 5s. Follow the data collection here for up to date stats!) To get training camp 20 you’ll need all of your iron storages to lvl 18, and storage for a ton of food. for actual numbers check out the wiki.

Whatever you choose, pick your path and keep grinding! Always be building something. :slight_smile:
Good luck!

Advice for new players - please continue to add!

63 days on TC10 is a fail when extra low cost training is just a single level higher.


Backlog? Oh yeah! Collectively I will be waiting for a year to clear out my training camps. There is a brilliant post on using TC’s to store troops and food in player guides. Gryphon Knight is the author. Well worth a read.