Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started."


You can’t move heroes, but you can move recruits


And dont put max trainers in you defense


I thought that’s what u meant. Thx :wink:


I’m only level 21. do I really need to join an alliance? I don’t want people to get nasty with me if I can’t win.


@Judy If anyone is getting nasty with you, you’re in the wrong alliance. Tell them to pound sand, and find a better one.

I can vouch for Magnificent Bastards, since I don’t tolerate crap like that. I’ve heard good things about Guardians Reborn, and about Granny’s Warriors too.


Wow fast response! Thanks. No one is getting nasty with me, I’m just not a regular gamer and I know some people get really serious about winning. :slight_smile: Thanks.


There are 2 advantages to being in an alliance. The first is titan loot, which has a chance of giving you non farmable ascension materials. The second is tips and advice that can help you get the most out of your game experience


@Judy you should definitely be in an alliance. The social aspect alone makes it worthwhile, but I think about half my Rare ascension mats come from titans.

Be clear with recruiters about what you are interested in contributing. How often do you play? Can you hit most every Titan? What’s your team and how much do you spend (if anything) to improve it? As long as expectations are aligned, finding a good alliance (for you) will add a lot to your E&P experience.


I am just getting started and I have to read a lot. I can’t see any short cuts just hard work. I think we newbies have to understand that this is not like any other game I have played. Maybe that is what has me hooked. FOE has more loop wholes the more you know about programming. This game from what I have learned so far is like life, patience and attention to details is critical. You may plan to raise your child in 18 years and it ends up taking 32 years. This game in my eyes is not for one who is looking for a short time investment between the way the game must be played and the advancements that come out by the time you really have get a handle on all of this the advancements will have you studying all over again. Once more the game of life!


I apologise to all educators I wrote this with my eyes closing on me. In short this game is not for the faint of heart.


I got in my Alliance at level 18 or so. It is a learning alliance and it has been a great experience. The tough part for me was I only had 5 good players as I fed everything else to them. For the wars you will eventually need 30. I have grown quite a bit and now I help others.


I have been playing for a couple of months now and still found this helpful. Especially about the training camps, I have been neglecting those.


Hi, John -

My youngest child was born in Snellville :grin:. I lived in Grayson for 15 years (as a Navy brat and veteran, that was the longest I’d ever lived in one place!).

When I first started playing, I wanted to catch up to my boyfriend, and decided to spend a set amount of money. I spent it on a set of 10 summons from the epic section. I got some 4-star heroes and that made me greedy for more, so I did another spin and omg I got a 5*! So happy!

Then I had to feed them. :expressionless:

That meant leveling training camps, and that meant building farms and mines at a furious rate, and before I knew it, I was ready to buy gems to buy resources to build things, but I was already using my gems to buy world energy so I could run more provinces to get more recruits and training swords and backpacks… but I needed more food to turn recruits into heroes…

Moral of the story: you are correct in that the game is a marathon. I wish I’d had Kerridoc’s advice above to not shoot for the 4- and 5-star heroes so early in the game, because it is VERY easy to outpace yourself and the natural timeline that the game will enforce.

Now I’ll take a stab at the Hero of The Month (HoTM) once or twice if I haven’t received any epic tokens in a while, but I’m content to let the game do the driving. I love my A team of almost fully leveled 4-stars plus Obakan stuck at 3.70 (stupid tabards), but I also really love playing my 3*s. I got Melia out of the Atlantis portal and she’s kinda my favorite. I’m tempted to run her on a titan with Wu Kong and Chao when she’s all grown up, since my small alliance is cool about testing things out like that. There’s so much game left to enjoy.


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Very new player here: I built more than one food storage and iron storage buildings. Was that a big mistake?

I have 4 farms and two mines, and my stronghold is level 5. I have two forges as I think I have to turn one into a troop trainer/leveller later?

I also don’t know if I should keep levelling one star Sharan, who is my only healer, or if I should start levelling a two star red hero and try to play without a healer?

Would feeding Sharon two-star red heros be a waste?

Lastly, I have four extra Sharon’s I can use to feed her to get a guaranteed upgrade on her special ability. Can I just feed her those four in one go, or should I also find 6 other reds to feed her, ten feeders in total to get the most benefit from the feed?


Don’t feed Sharan at all, or any other 1* heroes. Get your training camps up to level 4 now, and as soon as possible up to 13. At that point you can train your own 3* and 4* heroes. As soon as you get a 3* in one color, start leveling them instead of the 2*.


Thanks, and thanks for the original post, it was very helpful.


Always build all the available buildings. The game gives no choices about what buildings to build, only when to build them, and to what level. The first level of a building is practically free.

Each new level up costs more than the previous one. Generally, therefore, you get more “bang for the buck” building lower levels. Therefore, your production (farms, mines) and storage (food, iron houses) should all be at the same level (or within one).

The goals of your building should be focused. There is no reason to have all buildings up the the stronghold (SH) level before you raise your SH. Quite the opposite, there are excellent reasons not to level up all your buildings.

A clear goal should be getting a Training Camp up to level 20 and researched, which lets you start turning recruits into epic and legendary heroes (though, mostly, rare heroes). To do so, you have to get your SH to 20, which also means getting your iron production up and have big storage buildings for it. Researching TC20 is a huge food sink, so you’ll need big farms and big food storage.

My general strategy advice on building:

  • level your SH whenever possible.
  • then build farms and mines up to SH level
  • keep one TC at SH level up until 13. The others should get to 2, then 4, then 11, which are the “everyday” training levels.
  • keep one Forge at SH level
  • get another Forge to 5 then convert to Barracks. Level your Barracks only when it’s level limits your troop development.
  • level up food and iron storage on an as-needed basis to hold iron needed for SH build (iron) or forge research (food)


Keesa you will never know the joy and the blessing you have given me today. I have been down for about two weeks now and fighting my way back for the umteth :sunglasses: time (all aliments from birth defects, nothing to do with twenty years of service). By the way thank you for carrying on the tradition and thank you for your service to this country of ours (oblivious to the reality of what is really going on). But, I digress your last paragraph brought me a lot of joy. I learned with my PS3 how obsessed I can become, spending a minimum of two hundred a month but understand it was also therapeutic and kept the PTSD in check with the docs of course. But (and I love how we can begin a sentence with but now) to hear the joy you are getting out of the game is wonderful. That’s why we play!!!:sunglasses: Those who don’t get it will most probably never get it. One love :sunglasses:.


I am referring to the ability to purposely attack an enemy from the left on the right and so forth. At this point I have learned to tap the enemy I want to attack and until unmarked all will attack him/her. Newwwbieee​:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:. Did not want you going unanswered with all the knowledge you have, I will need you until you leave. Thanks!


@JohnASr69 That’s what I thought you meant. And you’re right. Depending upon the AI to target your specials is like asking a toddler to fix your car.