Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started."


What does don’t feed away your fist bane mean?


do not feed away bane:
= do not use him as food to level up other heroes

To avoid doing this by mistake:
click on bane in your hero roster
click on the lock in the top left corner
then close bane again, click on the x in the top right corner

  • now bane is in your favorites and cannot be accidentally fed to another hero


Che significa rimettere in coda i prosciutti???


Jim, until you have 30 heroes, don’t use 2* for fodder. Save your 2* but don’t level them. Feed your 1* to your 3*, same color. Once you have 30 heroes of 2* or better, you start phasing out the 2* as you train or draw better heroes, but don’t let your roster drop below 30 total.


:uk: When you put a lot of heroes with long creation time in the training queue, to undo the queue and regain meat and recruit when you cancel them (you lose all the objects used in training in doing so)

:it: Quando metti in coda di addestramento molti eroi con lungo tempo di creazione, per annullarne la coda e riottenere carne e reclute quando le annullerai (perdi tutti gli oggetti impiegati nell’addestramento nel farlo)


Thanks, I had no idea what he/she asked (and I’m afraid to use google translate, since it just does not…). :slight_smile:


Let’s back up to some basics.

The objective of this game is to build up strong teams of good heroes. There are three things you need to accomplish that:

  1. The hero’s card. There are two ways to get new heroes:
  • Summons gate, using tokens or gems, or
  • Training camps, using recruits and food, or
  • Playing world map (“farming”) — limited to 1* and 2* heroes
  1. “Feeder” heroes to add experience to your hero in training. These are heroes you get the same ways as #1 but choose not to level.
  2. Ascension materials (“mats”). Most of these you get from farming, but 4* and 5* heroes require rare mats that only come from a few sources:
  • mystic vision
  • Wanted chests, particularly the occasional elemental chests
  • Titan loot (better odds with harder titans)
  • War loot
  • Rare quests
  • Challenge event rewards
  • Shop purchases
  • special offers

You can’t do much about rare mats other than giving yourself the best odds of getting them. Getting heroes, both for keeping and as feeders, is more in your control.

Your goal should be to have training camps (TC) busy all the time. That’s hard early on: you’ll run out of swords, backpacks and recruits. Push to get the camps up to level 4, then to 11, which produce heroes at much lower cost. These heroes will mostly be used to add experience to other heroes, but make sure you keep 30 3* and 2* for Alliance Wars.

At TC12 you produce 3* heroes, guaranteed. If you haven’t gotten decent 3* by this point, here’s a free way of getting a decent 3* roster. I always advise new players to work up from a solid base of 3* heroes before building 4* and, more especially, before 5* heroes. 3* heroes take many fewer resources to build and can take you a long way.

At TC13 you have a chance of getting 4* heroes, as well as 3* heroes. Honestly the odds of 4* heroes here is quite low, but it’s better than zero.

The real goal is TC20, which produces guaranteed 3* with chances of 4* and 5* heroes. The odds of a 5* are about 1:16, odds of a 4* about 3:16.

My experience is that, if you train nearly all of your own heroes rather than paying for lots of epic/event/elemental/Atlantis Summons, then the rare mats mostly keep pace with you available heroes. Paying for summons gives you more choices about how to use the rare mats.

Bottom line: focus on building you stronghold and other buildings to get TC20 running ASAP. This will take months. Keep your builders busy at all times!


Why is there a bait and switch on the hero purchase. I put Liliana and get something else. I am really frustrated with the game. Why even show me the big hitters if there is no way they are going to sell it to me?


It’s random. It isn’t a bait and switch because there is no mechanism to choose what hero you want. What is shown on the portal is all of the possible heroes you might draw.


What is Mystic vision?
I’ve been playing for about a month now and finally got my tc up to 12. Have an almost full roster of 3* two of which are fully leveled and ascended. Still missing a blue 3* though.
Reading through this advice i think i lucked out and got a good active alliance who usually defeats our titans everyday.
Im f2p, so it can be grueling waiting days for something to finish upgrading!


Mystic vision is the purple Play arrow on the upper left side of your screen. It plays a 30 second ad for another game, and as a reward for watching the ad, it gives you random loot. It’s usually farmable or craftable, but occasionally drops non farmable ascension items or tokens.


Thanks! I appreciate the quick answer!


Unfortunatly what you see is not what you get. It is very discouraging to buy gems/credits and then thinking you are buying a specific hero and bingo, you get something you did not want. There is NO DISCLAIMER so by design it is misleading. I am very disappointed and very discourage that your company has this misleading advertising, no disclaimer, and just excuses for the reason it advertises one hero and gives you another.


  1. It isn’t “my” company. I don’t work for SGG, nor do I own stock in the company. I play, and I try to offer helpful advice to other players.
  2. Here’s your disclaimer right here.

Apology accepted in advance


I’ve been playing this game for little over a month now and I think a great thing to do is find a good alliance. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned it but that’s really an important step. A good alliance is one with active and encouraging members. You can easily view how long it’s been since someone has been logged on.


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I just want to say I’m glad I found this before I played too far. OUTSTANDING ADVICE and I suggest the game creators use this in training.


I was not even aware you could move heroes from one TC to another? I didn’t follow your suggestion.