Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started."

Ah, no, no! Matched color feeders have two big advantages:

  • a 20% bonus on experience gained
  • double the chance of improving the special skill

With 3* heroes, the double chance is essential. For 4* and 5* heroes, the experience bonus is huge. I’m at a point where shortage of feeders is what slows my deployment of new heroes, so squeezing every last drop of XP from each matters.

I still do matched color training.

There are two times i think deviating from guideline is worthwhile:

  • you simply don’t have anything worthwhile in a color.
  • you draw a transformative card that will immediately make a big difference in your performance (and you have all the mats you need to ascend the card to max)

Thanks so much!
Good to know I haven’t been spinning my wheels.
My bench after a months play…

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The grind keeps grinding …

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Uh … nice bench :roll_eyes:

The alliance I joined has 30 players but only 11-12 active players.
The questions I pose go unanswered.
I’d like more interaction with my fellow players.
Can you recommend an alternative?

Finding a good alliance that fits your playstyle, intensity, etc. is critical to enjoying the game. The #alliance-recruitment section is a good place to hunt, as well as the E&P subreddit (r/EmpiresandPuzzles). This is a buyer’s market; alliances are always looking for good, active members.

My main is co-leader of Seven Days Forever, one of the 7D family, which includes a wide range of alliances for active players at all levels. There are many sich “families” lf alliances, which I find useful because you can move up (or down) to other alliances as your roster grows or your intensity wanes.

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@Hog, there are lots of teaching alliances listed here


Just trying to mark this for future reference
Great advice

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I usually update me stronghold then the watchtower at the same number. Also the more outposts you own on the map the higher the food and iron production the watchtower makes

I hope this can help others as well.

Some alliance question.

I was in pretty good alliance for my “power”. 5-6* titans, and I scored 8-18k damage per turn. AW’s I got 180-220 points, so I saw I was big help for my alliance, but 3 lost AW’s in a row turned my cup, because little bit inactive.

My present alliance is nicely active, titans 7-8* so my damage is 3-8k and one war gave me less than 100 points, because opponent were so though.

Is it good to be in above your power alliance, or do you should find alliance match better your power? In AW’s and Titans for better score.

I was looking at one of your replies on the discussion on moving to another alliance. I would like to do just that but when I have looked at the requirements for being in certain alliances the amount of trophies required is ridiculous. But in another discussion you replied trophies do not matter…so what is a person to do?

Hey @Verlon search alliance recruitment - there are always people looking for members.

I’m assuming you are new to the game? Many alliances are open and don’t have any trophy requirement. As you learn the game I believe the trophy count doesn’t matter - you have to start somewhere. A great teaching alliance can give you advice on your hero roster and other intricacies of the game.

More serious alliances will have higher trophy requirements… They’re fighting tougher titans and opponents in war so that makes sense.

Good luck choosing a great alliance… There are so many.

It is good advice … did you mean you want to bookmark it? Im asking because it took me a long time to figure out how to use the forum and all those little symbols.

Ask if you need to know!

Greetings @ansa. I have been playing since January and I’m in a similar situation. My alliance is fighting 9* titans - the last titan the highest score was 268k damage whereas I did 59k and I got an assortment of loot (loot is better with bigger titans).

War situations you need to be strategic with your flags to maximise your points for the team. So my role is cleaning rather than taking on a tank (at the moment my hero’s hit more like a duster). Through team work and coordination in the last 2 wars I’ve averaged 140 points.

My current level is 28 / TP3000… I’m the least experienced although now not the lowest power level. I’m also keen to fight amongst players at my experience level but there are other factors to consider as well.

I hope my thinking aloud (although “rant” may be more precise) has in someway helped you? :thinking:


@ansa Ansa, it is generally best to be comparable to your alliance mates in power under most circumstances. If you are the biggest fish in the pond, you can’t grow anymore and need a bigger pond. If you’re the smallest, you’ll find yourself struggling to stay alive.

That said, it is more important to be in an alliance that will help you learn the game and grow your team.

@Verlon, alliances use trophy requirements to make sure that the members they attract will have strong enough teams to handle their titans and war opponents. It’s really not fun to try to hit a titan, barely scratch it, and have it one-shot your entire team. Unfortunately, the alliance settings don’t allow us to set a minimum defense team power or cumulative war roster score, both of which would be more useful.

This is a great summary of tips for new players. This topic helped me when I started playing. But specifically, the most important point that helped me, was point 4. I want to delve deeper here… because it’s so important to ensuring you enjoy the game and get those rare ascension items for the 4 stars and 5 stars.

This is more so for the new players lurking, in case they are wondering why you recommend the 3 star heroes first:

Aside from needing more food and time, 4 star and 5 star heroes need specific items to ascend and continue getting stronger. You will not have these items right away. You cannot get these items from map levels. You cannot buy all these items frequently, with the exception of the limited promotions (key word limited).

Most importantly, you are not guaranteed to get 4 stars or 5 stars… nor should you expect to get them as soon as you start. If you just wait for them, you are not going to get far at all, and you won’t enjoy the game. It took me 3 months of pulls before I got a 4 star. :stuck_out_tongue:

Comparatively, you only need to get to Training Camp level 10 for a chance at 3 stars, or level 12 for guaranteed 3 stars. You can also guarantee getting them from Elemental summons and Epic summons, and if you’re lucky, you can get one from the Regular Summon. While you wait for gems, you can simply use all your strongest heroes to move through the map or grind for resources.

I find the items come naturally from playing the game. But to guarantee that you get off to the quickest possible start in the game, a 3 star team will be your quickest and best bet. They are quick to max out in levels as a result of not needing rare ascension items and less resources.

Whether you’re planning on spending money for gems or not, this is what I recommend to get 3 stars quickly:

  1. Save until you get at least 300 gems,
  2. Wait for the Elemental Summon of the color you are hunting for,
  3. Rinse and repeat.

Aim to get your 3 star teams maxed out first. Get one or two teams of 3 star heroes (5 ~ 10 3 star heroes), then you can start focusing on 4 star heroes. Then 5 stars.

Healers that replenish all heroes HP. Regardless of rarity, the first one you get will be useful right away and should replace frail Sharan. Healers will save you from having to craft potions, and will be used for a long time.


@Sarah2 What alliance are you in? You sound very knowledgeable:)

Oh @Bella99… Anonymity blown😁

Anything to add…

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