Advice for 5 star blue

Looking for guidance on which Blue 5 hero to level.

Currently my only blue 5 star is Aegir (maxed), although I have Kiril, Grimm and Sonya as maxed 4s.

I have the mats to ascend another blue 5, trying to decide between Master Lepus (from the Easter event) or Frida.

I have Evelyn in green and she is a favourite, I love the elemental defence reduction, so leaning towards Frida.

On the other hand, I’m pushing into Diamond with my raids and a stronger attack would be good so the bunny (M Lepus) could be useful.

Appreciate any advice.

Frida synergises with Kiril and Grimm very well. Not much survives Kiril into Frida into Grimm.

Lepus will be great eventually but you can immediately improve 3 heroes and be very viable in diamond.

I’ve been top 10 globally numerous times and run high diamond and have Kiril/Grimm/Frida as cornerstones of my mono blue team.

Thanks for the advice!

Very interesting

I have a similar issue except that I have Frida, Aegir and Lepus all at 70, this will be my first blue 5 ascension

I am very seriously considering Lepus, as I have no other fast 5 snipers. They are all such nice heroes though, I am torn.

Not really that concerned about my defense, I have Justice plus emblems at tank so the fact that both Aegir and Frida are paladins counts against them also

So the answer is what is best for team balance and future emblem work? Your call on that. But you need to consider your other heroes too

I say Frida. :slight_smile: you can do the bunny later

Frida active + Aegir will turn each blue tile into a healing pot. And a nuke at the samr time. I’d go with that.

I am not a fan of Lepus myself. There are better blue snipers who will replace him once you pull then. Frida will likely stay with you forever.

Yes, I used a Kiril Kage Frida Victor Grimm lineup to global #1.

That’s how great Frida will be.
You can even do a 4-1 stack, add in Sonya. BOOM!