Advice: Dark Lord, who to take/level & battle items

Given my current line up, what would be my best team against the Dark Lord? I’m at S1:P23:L8 now with a Level 12 Forge (bomb attack, but I’ve not yet researched super antidotes).

I only have enough aethers to limit break fire or holy 3s up to twice (and nature 4 via aether 2 but my 4* is new and not anywhere near ready, although I have enough sturdy shields waiting in the wings for him!) Forgive the emblems on random 3*s plus Layla, I was new and they were the best I could summon at the time.

I only have one each of Time Freeze & Time Stop with a random assortment of 4* battle items that I can’t yet craft (I’ve also got a build going for the next day and a half before I could upgrade the forge.)

My current top troops are (I just cashed in a bunch of troop tokens):

  • Dark 3* Reanimated Fighters Lvl4 14a,9d,6h,4c
  • Holy 4* Monastatic Battlemages Lvl1 17a,11d,12heal,5m
  • Ice 4* Ravager Warriors Lvl3 18a,11d,13heal,5m
  • Nature 3* Rebel Illusionists Lvl5 12a,11d,9heal,5c
  • Fire 3* Firecaller Battlemages Lvl4 11a,11d,9heal,5c or Fire 3* Barbaric Minotaurs Lvl4 9a,14d,2h,11heal

Runners up with other 3-4* are (I do have a new Level 3 Barracks in place but not a ton of feeder troops so I may or may not be able to level any of my top guys up in time.):

  • Dark 3* Guild Knights Lvl1 10a,10d,13heal,5c
  • Holy 3* Exalted Guardian Cons Lvl6 12a,12d,9heal,5c
  • Holy 3* Devout Battlers Lvl3 14a,8d,6h,4c
  • Ice 3* Ravager Arches Lvl1 8a,13d,2h,10heal
  • Ice 3* Imp Elite Strikers Lvl1 13a,8d,5h,4c
  • Nature 3* Rebel Sharpshtr Lvl1 14a,8d,5h,4c
  • Nature 3* Deepwood Ents Lvl1 8a,13d,2h,10heal

Thank you!

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Junaid at tank flanked by chao and sonya, rigard on a wing other wing mnessus or a 2nd holy probably bane. Battle items antidotes, minor mana, mana, and bombs or axes.
That might do it. Just keep leveling and good luck

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Chao and Bane / mana cut on dark lord and bane for blind and both yellow to deal extra dmg to dark
Rigard for heal and cleanse + attack up
Chochin for mana debuf / Compliments nicely Chao mana cut // if you find that your team dies too easily, switch chochin with Gunnar for shared dmg
Yunaid for heal + snipe

those are your 5 :wink:

Use tornadoes+cyclones + super mana potion and 1 miracle scroll to save you when you have one hero left!

GL and have fun! :slight_smile:


I kind of adore Junaid and costumed Rigard… I need one more trap to level both rigard and his costume when I finish bumping him up but I could do the uncostumed as soon as he hits 60, only have 3 hidden blades for now. I’d been focussing on making one strong main team and bumping up replacements to help more in the alliance wars and just went back to working on my map instead of seeking adventure kits so much.

I’ve been alternating Junaid or Sonya in the center depending on which bosses I face, but otherwise what you described is my normal team… I don’t face the triad of red/blue/green I’ll remove whichever I don’t need and kept adding Chochim so I have one dark who can attack, or a second holy if not battling any holy enemies. If I ditch my debuffer, Sonya, I flip Mnesseus out of the costume since Costumed Rigard heals, removes status ailment, and boosts attack all in one :). He’s groovy along with Junaid’s 400% damage and 30% healing. Cannot wait to max those two!

Thank you!

Thank you :slight_smile: I’ve been wondering if I should do a second Holy and saw other advice about using Gunnar or Kailani (who I just got).

I was thinking that I’d go at him this week but now it looks like maybe I should wait a little longer? Maybe finish maxxing Chao then work on Kailani, or since Gunnar’s already maxxed and emblemed maybe not?

I might give it a go with one of the two teams you two recommended then if it doesn’t work, work on getting Kailani up to speed.

I finished as much of the free Path of Valor as I can and am in the middle of upgrading my stronghold before the next PoV begins, so I was all like, let’s finish Season 1 (and wanted chests), without realizing the master boss is a whole 'nother level.

I’ve got tokens for 1 Dune & 1 Challenge summons lined up for the next few weeks and just unlocked season 3, so hopefully I’ll earn some Valhalla summons and have gems for one more summons at the moment. If I’d realized that there was no Costume Chamber in August I’d have used up my 2 summons this month, and just earned another.

I started at the beginning of June or last month of May and if I like a free game I usually make a one-time $10 range in game purchase as a thank you, then never again :slight_smile: So I grabbed last month’s Path of Valor when I’d earned all but the chest, then I saved up a bunch of tokens/gems and tried to use them strategically (staring at the calendar info in this forum) while crossing my fingers :slight_smile:

As you can see, after leveling up my initial guys (3* and Layla as my only dark) I realized that I needed a wider roster to help in the Alliance Wars (then later for Tournaments and special quests/wars/etc) so I kept trying to hit up the Adventure Kit levels whenever I had to fill a monster chest, then whatever I needed for forging weapons in between… and I loved Atlantis Rising (omg this afternoon I finally ran out of Adv. Kits from that AR blitz, running usually 2 Training Camps with them whenever I’m awake and the 2-3 hr trainings when I go to bed) and have been on a levelling up blitz… whenever I’m in a war/tournament, once I played a hero I work on levelling up a different one, and then my main guys or 4*s when I’m between tournaments/wars.

Having fun and feeling more useful to my alliance as I learn and earn more heroes/levels/etc. Oh and all the hurry up and wait that the game entails works well while knitting repetitive patterns or adult sweaters with my Alexa telling me when the next task is ready (I love when she says things like “do something now” instead of “do summons now”). Better than other games that have continual play instead of all the waiting periods for energy/chests/war flags to refill.

Thank you!

It is a fun game been at it 3ish years, seems like you have the right attitude to work through it. If you are freeish to play don’t get caught up on 5*s till you have mats to fully ascend them and just enjoy the play of the game. So many people get burned out chasing 5s and trying to flex into the top 100 and such. Many of the newer 4s are better than many early season 5s. So embrace those.

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That’s what is seems like from what I read. I don’t plan to spend money again, it’s usually a once in a lifetime thing to give a little back to the game makers.

I’m just trying to get non 1/2* heroes, same family would be nice, and even out my elements so I have enough heroes for the full 6 rounds of a war, and apparently some of the special events need even more!

(That last 3 kingdom challenge event had me waiting to level up my heroes so I could play with the 2* feeder heroes! Somehow I managed to be in the top 10 players for my massive team and managed to get a bunch of things I needed all in a row from it, an elemental chest, and my regular alliance’s war.)

I’m learning that you have to play in any of these bonus events that have ranking because even if you really suck you still get nice rewards, and it’s likely that the worse your team is for it, the more you need whatever they give you even at the lowest ranks… and eventually you do better.

I’ve had a little too much time to play and an Alexa dedicated to telling me when to look at the game because of health issues… it meant that I got a lot of knitting done but needed a side distraction and that led me to the game :). Curiosity led me here and to the fandom site then various guides.

Preventing dark Lord to cast his special is most important, when you are low lvls… it can be done.
Any heroes that provide shared dmg + other heroes to heal your line up can prolong fight long enough to turn tides into your favour :wink:

And good for you to keep staying free to play as much as possible!

Give dark lord few whacks for me too!

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Welcome to this great game.
Enjoy this time where everything is new and progress is fast and you learn and improve every day.
Concerning the dark lord I dont have much to add to the other posts.
Chao is good, Sonja you will use for a very long time, I dont have Junaid but I read he is good. :slight_smile:
Right now costumed Rigard and Melendor will be corner stones for your future play.
If you should get Proteus you will be astonished how much easyer your game will become.
After 4 years playing as ftp, just made level 84, Proteus and Rigard ( without costume ) are still in action in almost all my raid attacks! :rofl:

The only thing you might consider spending some more money on would be vip but only if you gain enough iron to fully use the second builder.
This would speed up the development of your castle a lot if this is important to you.

Good luck and enjoy this grat game.

Best regards.


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Nice walk down memory lane, back when I was happy to pull an S1 4*. I miss those days.

I’m surprised nobody’s advised to use Kailani. She isn’t as sturdy as Gunnar, but she does the same thing in the strong color against the Dark Lord, and I kept using her during a good part of S2.

My team was Kailani+18, Bane +19, Mist 3/70, definitely Sabina 3/70 since she was my only 4* healer, and I forgot the 4th hero. Probably a 3* healer or a 4th yellow. With your heroes, the equivalent would be something like Kailani, Bane, Chao, Rigard, Melendor (or maybe Junaid).

You’d obviously need to level them up first (ideally emblem the 3* and get the 4* to 3/70), but there’s no urgency to finish S1.

Unless you need the EHT and ETT right now, but I don’t know why you would. The best times to use them are during seasonal events and when the magic troops summon is open.

Battle items wise, my forge was far from maxed out, so I definitely used light ones. Most likely a mix of antidotes, mana, heal and axes or bombs.

Good luck and have fun! It’s a great game if you manage to avoid the - admittedly numerous and well designed - traps inherent to the gacha model.

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I made up a little spreadsheet and try to use it to figure out what I can build/when to leave as little gap between builds without depleting or overrunning myself in supplies… it’s harder to use up that iron when you have a 3 day build, but ramped up a forge to help me with that :). And wow, is the game easier with rigard, sonja, chao and stronger weapons!


I don’t know why I suddenly wanted to finish the map? But yeah, I thought someone on her mentioned Kailani and I saw it in the other dark lord threads. Would you recommend leaving Chao as is for now and working on levelling her up first? (He’s at 608 power 44/70 level and I have 84 of his emblems on standby… As to Kailani, I do have Gunnar maxxed/emblemed, but he’s not also a Holy. And I’m low on her emblems, which Rigard also needs.)

I got Kailani, I think while I was starting my post just before I took the photos… just got Brienne with my free daily summons, so at least I finally have a 6th Nature for the regular alliance wars!). For now I’m happy just moving towards that, so I can be a little more use to my team…

It’s an open alliance without requirements, so we’ve got a few “elders” who easily take down whoever they fight, but a bunch of us newer folks… so I can’t just take out the weakest enemies or it leaves nothing for the 2 or so who are now below me in strength. I try to go for whoever is the closest match, set a timer for when they regenerate and then check in to see if I can pick off remnants of anyone in between/after and try not to be tempted by the weakest if the even-newer players haven’t yet had a turn… at least til the last hours.

I definitely like the 4*s with families more though (Ie not classic season 1s, Moon family’s bonus is very nice for me) but that Rigard is fun in his costume :slight_smile: + hp,+attack, -status ailments for all… and his tiles hit hard enough as well. He’s now 33/70 510 overall power with costume, 10/70 without, but I’m not swimming in his emblems.

Way to go! You’re a pretty amazing alliance mate, they’re lucky to have you.

Most S5 4* - and 3* - are definitely excellent with their passives and family bonus.

There are also gems in S2 and S3. Wilbur, Proteus, Almur, Gullinbursti, Mist and Brynhild are all great to almost essential heroes. S4 4* are pretty terrible overall.

That said, S1 4* hold up much better than S1 5*, especially the healers. Even better if you have their costumes of course, but I still use Kiril, Tiburtus and Sabina without costume daily in diamond raids and wars.

I’d personally finish Chao first since you’re getting close, but if you really want to beat the Dark Lord asap, 4/42 is more than enough. Kailani is pretty fast to level up and abolutely needs to be at least maxed to withstand a hit.

You can always reallocate them with reset emblems if you have any. They give some away during emblem quests, but I doubt you can complete them rn. They also occasionally drop from random loot.

They’re a bit like 3* ascencion materials. At first it’s a struggle to get any, but at some point you’ll have a lot more than you need.

Emblems themselves will pretty much always be in short supply though. And by the way, you need to max out the regular hero too if you want to emblem a costume.

Hope this helps! I would like your post but I don’t have any more likes until 15 hours. :unamused: One of the joys of this forum… :joy:

Emblems themselves will pretty much always be in short supply though. And by the way, you need to max out the regular hero too if you want to emblem a costume.

I noticed (went thru it for Mnesseus, who I do love), but at least you don’t need as many ascension materials to get the 4* costumes to max out :slight_smile: I have one reset but I always figured I’d use it later to rid Layla of her emblems (I had no one else near maxxing and she was my only Dark at the time… It sounds like that’s the general set up for new players though.)

I got bored a little last night, noticed the class quest predictions on the calendar, and wound up adding to my spreadsheet to figure out which of the upcoming class quests I was strong enough to play in and I’m only over 2500 power in Serenity (Paladin/Ranger at 2747) and Justice (Monk/Paladin) but almost there for Strength (Fighter/Barbarian)… and in the 2200s for all but Fortitude (Cleric/Druid), Mysticism (Sorcerer/Wizard), and Nature (Druid/Ranger). I only have the one druid so far. But none are 3500, nor is my main team yet. So it’ll be a long while before I can do the 3rd leg of a class quest. (I think I got the 2nd level done sometime this month for one of them

There are also gems in S2 and S3. Wilbur, Proteus, Almur, Gullinbursti, Mist and Brynhild are all great to almost essential heroes. S4 4* are pretty terrible overall.

Ahh… so the fact that I only got a classic the one time I did a S4 summons shouldn’t hurt so much, you’re saying? (I think it was my first 4* Gormek).

I’m excited to try Valhalla tomorrow, I think it is? And we’ll see if I manage a few summons during the discount period…

Those guides should all start off explaining the discounts right at the start, I swear that when I first read about Atlantis I never saw that, but since I already randomly had some of their coins I started to play… my heroes were too weak so I stopped, then I tried again when it happened to be the last half day of Atlantis Rising and soared thru, earning 2 summons before the event ended. Now I’ve got the upcoming calendar in my spreadsheet and whenever I’m not filling a chest/waiting for my energy to be full when the next chest activates, I know which map/quest to work for whatever I need most (be it crafting materials, map advancement, or special things like ascension materials from quests).

Of course when I have a long build going and need more metal ores to use up my iron in the forge, I only get a ton of adventure kits from S1:L15! Today I just have 14hrs to go for my stronghold so I might be able to hold out/craft enough to not go past my iron storage… then I’m home free to upgrade my farms again.

I’m dreading that I just wound up in Gold Raid arena but just a smidge over 3000 power for my team, so if I want to win a raid to fill a chest/PoV i have to spend a bunch of food… But by some miracle I kept winning last night and miraculously finished the 12 gold wins so I actually got the free Valor Chest just now with zero points to spare/earnable left to me (Ninja Tower has me trapped on Floor 7, so I wasn’t going to get the tower challenge).

For the next PoV I’m more organized and if the daily challenges are kind to me and the titan challenge doesn’t require a bunch of rare titans I might even do it again!

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That is nice of you but you and the other 2 low level players should get organized concerning hiting the weakest opponents. The weak teams should die just when the war starts so they come back as often as possible.

One player just left who was really good about being there at the start and as soon as the weaker ones revived… Somehow in this last war most of our players were absent, so I should have killed the weaker one off early, but I went for one just above my strength instead then waited… It’s the first time we had so many unplayed flags and that any weak players stuck around for more than an hour or so while I was awake. Sadly we lost by a hair, but got our war chest unlocked at least!

Don’t let the suggested TP deter you. You can complete them with teams way weaker than that, especially with items. The 2nd stage is easily beatable with 3* heroed. You’ll need at least a few 4* for the last one though.

Not for now. S1 4* are still good news when you start and S4 4* are mostly bad. Tettukh and Griffin are just ok, I can’t stand Zila Lei, but some like her. The rest isn’t worth mentioning.

The in-game info is almost nonexistent, it’s pretty terrible. That’s why this forum can be so useful.

Yeah, some of the new POV missions aren’t very friendly to new players. Definitely do everything you can to reach level 48, these 4* materials are extremely rare. Good luck!

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PoV 28, I think you meant… thank goodness there’s only 30 levels then bonus chests, for me at least! :slight_smile:

Thank you:)

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Right, it used to be level 48 when the POV lasted 50 days, my bad.

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I had some good luck so far this month!


  • 5* Tahir (my 1st 5* & 1st HotM)
  • 4* Ahotep (3rd moon, in one coin dunes pull w/Tahir!)
  • 4* Jott
  • 3* Bjorn w/costume
  • 3* By-Ulf

Of course, none of my valhalla coin pulls were from the same family and By-Ulf seems cursed (though I do have an unlevelled Gato who is supposed to pair well with him), but the others look fun, especially Tahir & Ahotep, to me at least :slight_smile: I do love that Moon family passive 60% chance to do extra 70% dam to all enemies and dispelling the most recent buff whenever he uses his special skill, along with the family bonus for 1 or 2 moon family members.

I still think I’ll mostly use Rigard as my dark in a rainbow team, but may swap out Tahir for Junaid once Tahir is stronger… then the rest will help a lot in wars/tournaments. Feeder heroes here I come!