Buildings, Buildings, Buildings - Am I being stupid NOT upgrading?

The only buildings I have really touched the past months are upgrading my Houses so I can store more, on AR and don’t lose out as much.

I just can’t seem to be “bothered” to save MILLIONS of Iron/Ham to upgrade stuff, it’s annoying and tedious, especially when I have heroes to put emblems on to make them better and more powerful - obviously these come at a hefty cost.

My Buildings Right now:
(Max Food: 2785k / Max Iron: 2322k)

Stronghold LVL 21

Mine - 3x Lvl 20
Mine - 1x Advanced (Lvl 2 upgrading NOW to Lvl 3)

Farm - 8x Lvl 20
Farm - 1x Advanced (Lvl 2)

Iron Storage - 4x Lvl 20
Iron Storage - 1x Advanced (Lvl 1)

Food Storage - 3x Lvl 20
Food Storage - 1x Advanced (Lvl 1)

It’s 1600k to upgrade my Advanced Iron Storage to Lvl 2. I think I need to upgrade it about 4 times in total so I can finally upgrade my SH to 22, so I can have more Advanced Buildings.
I am finding it so hard to prioritize saving Iron to upgrade these buildings.

Would you more experienced players say it’s vital for me to get the advanced buildings ASAP, or can I continue as I am with the majority at Lvl 20, and only a couple of Advanced?

I am just tempted each time I get to “enough” Iron + Food, to add an extra Talent to a hero (actually, multiple).

Just wondering on thoughts and advice :-/


Personally, I concentrated on the following two things:

  • Maximizing my farms to ensure a constant flow of hams; and
  • Maximizing my iron storage to ensure sufficient iron to do building upgrades.

I only increased food storage so that I had enough to conduct research in the advanced buildings.

I barely touched my houses because you can store recruits in the training camps. I’m only upgrading one to complete the missions.


During my whole grind I always focused food production 1st and iron+storages 2nd.

Food storages and Houses had lowest priority, since they were never filled more than half.

Advanced house is a must. It gives free recruits, up to 120 per day.


Whaaaattttt??? Didnt knew that, how many advanced can u have???

Just one currently.

When SH24/25 gets released there will be a second one available.


Here is production info of the advanced house


I just max everything… I mean why not? takes a day or 2 at most to ever produce enough resources for any building and usually with iron, which most buildings need for upgrading, I struggle not to be maxed out on it.

anyway, cant let those workers be idle!


Eventually, yes. The question is priority, as you only have resources to concentrate on building one or two buildings depending if you have a VIP pass.

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I started ignoring titan harpoons a few months ago because I felt those were wasting resources for heroes, troops and buildings.

I suspect if I were cranking out harpoons, it would be difficult to upgrade food storage- which is what I’m slowly working on.

no vip these months, no need for it!

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For the longest time I kept my hunter’s lodge at level 1 for the harpoons. I’m starting to gradually upgrade it because some of the items that can be crafted are pretty useful. I have a decent harpoon stockpile, but have always been able to be in the process of upgrading a building at any given time. I never have a shortage of iron for that.

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everything in that lodge gobbles up food and iron. nothing from the lodge can be used for challenge events (or pvp). so… I dont see the point of it :rofl:

it just seems to be a big resource sink from my perspective


It isn’t called the Hunter’s Lodge for nothing. The items are good for hunting titans. It all depends at what level you are at. At 8* titans, the items aren’t that necessary, but at higher levels, I imagine they’ll be more useful for survival or damage. Valkyrie’s Bane is one as well as Time Freeze and Titanium Shield. Caltrops are useful to dispel reflect status.

It’s been discussed how important titan hunting is to get ascension materials, and so this is one of the tools to help.

Again, it was a lower priority for me as well, though not as low as the Alchemy Lab.


Personally, I have the VIP pass so I constantly have 2 buildings upgrading at the same time. I prioritized to upgrade all my iron/food storages first followed by the farms and mines. Once I had enough iron I got the Stronghold 22 that allowed me to covert the 2nd advanced buildings. Having the advanced storages , mines and farms fully leveled makes the grind so much easier with all the researches, crafting, leveling heroes/troops, putting those emblems on heroes , etc.,

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I remember when, before sh21, I actually had maxed out my entire base and had a vip and suddenly had 2 idled workers. it drove me crazy. like an itch you cant scratch.

nowadays I’m hoping not to actually ever finish my base but that sg reveals sh24 before it happens

I hope that won’t happen to me lol. Hopefully they will release the Stronghold 24 before I finish upgrading all my advanced buildings . Got few more levels left on my 2nd advanced farm and Hunter’s Lodge ( this one takes so many days :grimacing: )

I want to have everything leveled before stronghold 24 and 25 come out. I made the mistake of not leveling some of my building before 22 and 23 came out. I had level a few before I could upgrade stronghold. I don’t want to make that mistake again…:sunglasses:

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The higher your food and iron storage, the greater food and iron you receive from completing Wanted Mission Chests.

So there is great incentive to maximize these buildings, at the least.


My hunters lodge is at 10, both advanced food and iron storages are at 10, advanced house is at 10. Just need to finish one of my advanced farms and both my advanced mines…:nerd_face:

This is a very valid point.

Edit: I take back my words. I think I really exaggerated. I still think mines and farms should be LAST priority beyond a3 or so - but storages are valuable.

Worth looking at:

I think that the moment you have:

  • Hunter’s lodge
  • All Farms either a1-3 or level 20
  • Watch Tower 20
  • Sufficient training camp levels

It’s time to change the state of mind from “upgrade-first” into “upgrade-last”.
I.e. instead of upgrading buildings the moment you have enough resources, trying to keep your builder(s) as utilized as possible —> prioritize emblems, training, and crafting items and harpoons before (not necessarily in this order) and upgrade building only when iron/food storages are 70%+ full.

It will take a while till storages get full (since the ongoing spending on heroes and items), and your builder(s) will have long idle periods (it feels to them like a lockdown…) - but that time or another the storages will fill up - and it still worth thinking on an upgrade path (mostly: SH 22 → getting all possible farms/mines to a1 → maximizing food and iron storages for increased reward from chest / advanced housing → … let’s see what SH 24/5 bring; Alchemy Lab is useless for most users).

I leave the post as-is, so the discussion could be understood.