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Est- il possible de convertir un batiment avancé maxé vers un autre batiment ?
J’ai perdu une ferme 20 et j’aimerais changer mon pavillon de chasse 10 contre ma ferme 20. Mais vais-je devoir reprendre le up de mon pavillon a 0 ou il sera maxé ?


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Is it possible to convert an advanced maxed building to another building?
I lost a farm 20 and I would like to change my hunting lodge 10 to my farm 20. But will I have to start up my flag again at 0 or will it be maxed out?

Thank you

Your hunter’s lodge should have a Convert button that will let you revert it to whatever it was before. My barracks does; I don’t have the hunter’s lodge. Assuming it was your level 20 farm you converted to the hunter’s lodge in the first place, that should be a reliable way to get your farm back. Now, if you later wanted to convert a different building to your hunter’s lodge, I don’t know how it works. I would assume you would get your lodge back at level 10, but I don’t know if you have to front the iron costs again. I’m certain you have to have a builder free to do the conversion. I hope that helps, and I hope you can read my answer in English, because I sure as heck don’t speak French! :smile:

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