Question about advanced buildings

Can you convert your advanced building back to original and not lose the levels that you already reached on advanced building?

Like converting advanced mine back to original so i can level up another mine


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Just wanted toa ask how does that work?

Does this mean the additional iron the Advanced mine produces is maintained by that mine even when you convert it back to an original mine?

No, if u convert a advanced mine to the original mine, it will produce the amount of iron of the original mine which is lower than the advanced mine. But u still convert back to the advanced mine at the level it was before you convert back


Ok thanks.

Another question on this…

Does this mean if we convert the Barracks back to a forge, and then convert that particular forge into another advanced building (say Hunter Lodge). Then we can use that forge to toggle between the two advanced buildings without loosing any advanced building levels that were gained?

Yes, you can freely toggle between any advanced buildings without losing any level progress, provided you have a builder free.