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Hey guys! Hoping to get an answer here because I’m stumped and can’t find one. I have a group member who’s trying to convert a building to hero academy. She’s got all the right stuff going (SH 25, Maxed advanced bldgs, 2 builders, lots of iron etc…) but she’s unable to. The buildings just won’t convert. I helped guide her to putting in a ticket to SG, but she still hadn’t heard anything. Has anyone else had issues converting? Thanks guys!!

What kind of building was she trying to convert?


It’s probably what @sergiocarraca suggests.

You can only convert a forge, mine, or farm. I recommend a forge. Get rid of Hunter’s Lodge if you have barracks, HL, and AL from converted forges.

Or keep a second builder free so you can convert to barracks when needed.

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She has said she’s tried them all. That’s the odd part. I’ve asked her to tell me exactly what happens when she tries, ie any error messages or any thing of that sort. I’ll post her reply in here as soon as I get one. Thanks!!

Should be one exact of sample, just say what building have it try to convert.
The building should not in busy, and have free builder available.

And this, forge is recommended.
And the building should be level 5 minimum.

4x forge, 3x forge lvl 5 and 1x forge lvl 20:
1st: AL
2nd: HA
3rd: HL & Barrack (switch as needed)
4th: Forge level 20.

That is what I did.

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Another possibility is insufficient iron/iron storage. Needs 2610k iron to convert.

And how much iron do they have? All they need to do is click on more’ or more importantly “convert” to find out what they have to do.

I agree woth @jinbatsu . Make sure the building is not busy and have 1 builder available.

If the builders are working on things lile Hunter’s Lodge and Alchemy Lab upgrades, this will preclude her from converting an eligible building into the Hero Academy.

Thankfully, if you choose to convert back you keep the buildings at the same level. :slight_smile:

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