Which building to convert - Would like to keep all 9 farms & 1 Forge ready at all times (if possible)

Hello Everybody,

The subject line says it - which buildings do I covert so that I can keep all “9 farms, 1 Forge, Barracks, Hunter’s Lodge, Alchemy Lab, Hero Academy” all available at all times?

Would like to hear from all of you please.

Is the goal (of having all the above buildings available at all times) possible?

Alternatively, can have 2 Forges @ level 20 & keep them on flex mode to alternate between Forge, Hunter’s lodge & Barracks - but will need a builder free (which is next to impossible) when needed.

How to circumvent this issue? Please advise.

I used a farm and have not noticed the loose of food. Had forgot about converting a farm until I read this post.

I’ve just kept one forge which alternates with Hunter’s Lodge, but I’ve maxed all buildings so keeping a builder free is not an issue. I only realised recently I was missing a trick by using a training camp as HA while a forge spent a fair amount of time idle. That was dumb. Now corrected.

Sharing mine:

I have maxed all buildings, including the advanced structures, 4 Forges and 4 Training Camps. I kept all farms active. The advanced structures permanent are Alchemy Lab and Hero Academy. The 2 Forges are converted to either the Barracks and/or Hunter’s Lodge using my lone builder. You only need the Barracks if you are leveling troops and are dependent on the availability of the feeder troops and food. You only need the Hunter’s Lodge if you are crafting harpoons or other titan parts-based battle items which are dependent on the availability of the titan parts and food and iron. Forge is heavily used for crafting mana potions, healing potions, tornadoes, etc.

I’ve got 9 farms. 4 mines. 4 houses. All storages. 3 training camps (TC20/11/2). Hero Academy. One forge. One Hunter’s Lodge. One Alchemy Lab. One Barracks.

So I think I mostly converted forges, and then one training camp.


Training Camp isn’t a bad choice. If you’re running out of buildings, you have access to HA and that’s better for getting missing S1 5* than TC. I am running a single TC20 as a food+recruit storage and to replenish 5* food for HA. Me however I converted a mine because once everything is built you don’t need much iron except for crafting items, and I find iron easier to get than food (raids, chests, missions etc).

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I switch between a farm and the barracks.
I dont need the barracks’s very often. If I want to level troops I wait for a free builder, convert a farm into barracks, level the troops and convert the barracks back into a farm. Now the builder could be assigned to the next building project.

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