Remove inactive Alliances

As you might noticed there is currently a huge problem with alliance recuting. Also I found Topic that someone thinks there are too many alliances.
Before I started my own alliance I had same problem. I was looking for a new alliance and found a huge amount of accounts not beeing visited for over 100 days! I am sure those alliances do not need any new members and should be removed. This would also decrease the amount of alliances show up during a search and you see only active alliances.
Also a good idea I think would be a filter during search, that you see all alliances (as now) or just alliances with less than 30 members where you can join.


This has been discussed thoroughly in this thread - see link - and it is quite an annoying and bothersome problem at the moment.

I most certainly hope that SG will take action to remedy the situation soon.

Players cannot find active alliances
leaders cannot fill their alliance once a person leaves
active alliances … above 25 members … which often means “active” … cannot even be found in the search
leaders and co- leaders have to hang around in AR waiting to find that elusive player looking for an alliance
… and when those people then pass the time chatting to each other, others get annoyed and report them

everybody involved gets completely p***ed off

SG … please help!

You may wish to combine this


Thanks for your support Anja! :+1:
Did not find the other topics for removing inactive alliances…:open_mouth:

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Developers please go in and delete some of the old inactive alliances. One for example is my old Alliance girls rule they have not been active for 468 days. The leader quit and no one is able to close the account or anything. You have the ability to check and clear these


Happy Cakeday @Killjoy

I had same idea a while ago


Perhaps a good way for the devs to do it would be to make it so that after 100 days (or however many days they think is best) of someone not logging into their account, they are automatically booted from whatever alliance they are in. Then, as soon as an alliance has no members, the alliance is automatically deleted.


Problem is devs wont boot leads

Alliance’s are opened for 50 gems

So they’re treated as a purchase

If they did start randomly shutting down inactives, it would only take a hand full of people to try come back and realize alliances are deleted before hitting the forum, google reviews, facebook, etc and screaming how SG deleted somethin they purchased.

Now SG could make them “unlisted” or “hidden” and the only way the alliance becomes visible again is by clicking a box similar to war participation box

Then no one loses anything and SG takes 0 risks

Box only appears after all alliance members have been inactive for 30 days


now that is a wonderful idea! :+1:
I do pity the poor beginners who join such inactive alliances and think that this is all that the game has to offer. Ugh!

The mechanisms in the game do take some getting used to - as do all new things.

I remember finding the Alliance Search, looking through some of the offered alliances, thinking “eewww” and “WTH?” (I had played another online game before, so I was not completely innocent in this regard, thankfully) - and then finding the Alliance Recruitment chat. And asking there.

Well, I ended up in an alliance led by … uhm… quite an … uhm… interesting person :grin: I was young and needed the money … uhm, I mean, did not know any better :grin:

Up to this day, people from my home country ask me incredulously “You were with WHOM?? OMG! Hahaha!”

But I digress. :wink:

I strongly support your proposal. Definitely!


Disagree, 50 gems also has been given to many by developer’s… I want Alliance deleted where the leaders / co-leaders are gone. My old Alliance girls rule has 10 active players but 30 in group but none left has abilities to kick.

Would be great for leaders to be able to set some optional conditions for membership:

  • xx wars missed => kick
  • less than xx war tickets used => kick
  • xx titans no hits => kick
  • xx days no login => kick
  • xx days not active in chat => kick
  • xx days not leveled any hero => kick

Alliances could also be ranked by acivity.
More active ones could automatically invite more new players.
Should be adjustable, which kind of players are wanted.


I’m not sure I understand. Leaders can/do have ability to kick players for those reasons, and really any other reasons. A good leader/alliance will be clear what is expected. I wish the players would be honest about what they want. They say they are active, but apparently active has dif meaning to dif people. Lol

But the problem with recruiting, and too many dead alliances is ongoing and needs to be addressed.


Well there are plenty of other alliances recruiting that are active or they could fork out the 50 gems to start their own

Sucks they’re in the situation they’re in, but not every issue is solely in the devs hands. Players can fix some issues themselves if they really want to.

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I completely agree - this is a huge problem. And the idea to just remove inactive alliances from search rather than remove them completely, or just rank them differently in search is a great one!


There are alliances that are out there that have not been active for over 600 days. You should clean house so the names can be used for someone else. Or so we can see how many active alliances are in the game.



20 character minimum.


I totally agree! Have talked to and seen several players post about being new and just joining any alliance open, and ending up in one of these “zombie” alliances.

The only sticking point I can see is that there is a gem cost to start an alliance…but in that case I would think that the devs could just credit it back to the account that paid it originally, and if they ever return to the game then even tho their alliance is gone, they have their gems back.


I totally agree. There are lots of alliances on here where the majority of players are no longer active and haven’t logged on for weeks and months. My grandson is in an alliance and he has made some great team mates but the leader and co-leader are no longer active so no housekeeping gets done. It’s daft


A purchase is like everything in life just temporarily. A whole alliance who is inactive for over 3 months is at the end ot their purchase.
I mean every beginner at level 4 has 50 gems. It’s not a big deal.

That is why I think they should hidden/clear/delete such an alliance!

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I also agree, our leader quit and made most everyone a co leader so noone can kick inactive co leaders. Please give co leaders the ability to kick other co leaders and auto resign a new leader after so long inactive. I think that would be a great help.

Here are a few inactive alliances. In only one has a player logged in more recently than 100 days ago.

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