A little help with my roster? (4*/5*)

Greedings to all!

I am playing the game nearly 5,5-6 months. I have been quite lucky with my summons, but not so much with the mats, especially from the titans. My roster is the following:


My mats are:

I am currently working on Merlin, Heimdall, Boril (at least up to 3.60) and Marjana.

Has anyone, more experienced than me, any suggestions of what I should work next? It doesn’t seems that I will aquire any Damascus blades any time soon (only one since the begining), except from the rare challenge in 1 week.

If it is also possible, can you give me a hint for a defence raid team. I am currently sitting between 2050-2150 cups and I am tired revenging teams 4000~. Or with my heroes (until I develop a full 5* team) this is the ceiling?

Thank you for your patience reading a long post, and excuse my grammar mistakes (English is not my native language).

I drooled over my first 5*, Leo.
And quickly went to work on him. Once you ascend them past 3.7 the climb to 4.8 is long and treacherous.
Especially…early on!

My advice is to make 10 3*, 2 of each color.
Choose them wisely and you can get decent rewards from tourneys. I have even received a telescope once!

Then 10 4*.

And when that is done, you should be closer to having a base (farms) to support leveling 5* heroes. If you do it too soon, like I did…you will discover them to bog down your progress.

Another suggestion is, once you start leveling a hero. Finish it! Get your 5* to 3.7. And play with it for a while. Decide if you believe it is extraordinary and want to advance it further. Materials are more rare than heroes for some people.

Dunno about you but, I level my heroes in crops of 5
And don’t give off-color

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Thanks for your responce!
I have over 15 3* maxed (i have not included them in the roster, and several dublicates 4* unleveled, ex. Rigard, Kiril, Grimm, Boldtusk), and over 16 4* maxed.

I stopped leveling Tarlak, because I got Heimdall.

Which tank have you chosen? Heimdall?

For Heimdall you want fire damage flanking. And for you, That’s Marjana!

I would load Heimdall’s flanks and wings up with damage. Isarnia to the other flank, has strong potential. If you happen to find her costume, she has the highest attack in the game. For now… also, lowering defense is an important skill for titans and raids. Also also, you can replace her later if you find something with speed. Thorne is not scary. When you fight one, you will see.

And then purple and yellow wings. I like Kage on the left, to get early dispel. And Joon on the right, another kill shot. Poseidon is also great.
I haven’t made my mind about BY yet. I think he maybe better for offense against defense that have several fast snipers

For defence I was thinking Kage - Poseidon - Heimdall - Thorne/Isarnia (something else?) - Marjana.

You’ve gotta max some of these first… And TBH defence is a really unimportant thing until much later on.

Ascend heroes that are useful to you on attacks (raids, titans, events/maps), worry about defence once you’ve got 15-20 maxed 5* heroes but until then don’t ascend heroes specifically for defence.

Ps… Kage sucks on the wing - far, far better on the flank.

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Thanks! Any suggestion of whom my second 5* must be? I finished Merlin and currently working on costume Rigard

You’ll want to do Sabina first… And Tibs costume needs finishing by the looks of it?

I havent touched Tibs costume yet. Only Rigard’ s costume, that I am currently leveling. Do you have any sugestions regarding the other colours? For example Almur or Melendor first, etc?
Thank again!

I’d stick with building out your 4* bench tbh, as I see no D blades, and even then, that’s a slow process… you’ll get more out of the 4*, and by then you may have the mats to do more 5*



  1. Wait for Wilbur in Atlantis (unless you don’t plan on pulling there)
  2. Sumle (he’s amazing in a mono stack)
  3. Mariana (if/when you get the mats)
  4. I’d do Colen, but that’s just me; Kelile is already at 3/60, so if you find you need more fast snipers, then you could go her


  1. Not loving anyone here in 4*, so keep on with Boril I suppose
  2. Jott maybe? Or Mireweave? Idk if either will help much, but if you need a blue 4* project… sure
  3. Isarnia is pretty great, despite being slow, for her stronger defense down on all [vs Grimm] so I’d consider her next for mats


  1. Obviously finish Kashhrek since he’s almost there
  2. Almur!! Definitely, for blue titans and offensive green stacking
  3. I’d bring Tarlak up to 3/70, as he’ll be your main tile buffer that doesn’t miss
  4. Heimdall could be maxed next as use as a tank and healer
  5. Melendor as your next green 4* max for more healing and dispel


  1. Wu Kong (surprised he’s not maxed for titans, but til Tarlak is ready, you may as well for the mats)
  2. Mist! Mana control is a life-saver and pairs well with Jackal
  3. I’d max Poseidon next of these, to pair with Jackal and Mist
  4. Joon is worth bringing up, and so is Viv, so I’d choose depending on needs (as if you get another Jackal, Joon will pair nicely with him, and obviously Viv is great for the cleanse and heal)


  1. Finish out Merlin first, obviously
  2. I’d bring Fura up next personally, as she’s brutal with Tibs (esp once you pull his costume), but if you need more healers, could do Sabina first
  3. Sabina or Fura
  4. I’d do Bera after, as Kage can snipe for you; she’ll add something new. Sartana is worth it tho, down the road


So for titans, you’ll definitely wanna always bring in Wu vs purple and red titans (maybe green, depending on how much you can deal with his misses) and Tarlak vs the rest.

Green Titans

Boldtusk-Falcon-Gormek-Scarlett-Wu Kong/Tarlak

Red Titans

Kiril-Grimm-Triton-Sonya-Wu Kong

Blue Titans


Yellow Titans


Purple Titans

Gullinbursti-Jackal-Mist-Poseidon-Wu Kong


Thanks a lot for the effort to write such a deteiled answer! It helped a lot! I am trying to pull Wilbur for 5 months, with no luck until now, but I will keep on.

Kashhrek… It was my first and only 4* green for a long time. When I decided to level him to the final tier, came Caedmon and I favor him over Kashhrek. I don’t like the later very much, so that is the reason I stopped him at 4.40. I can’t seem to be able to persuade myself to max him (if only I had his costume!).

I know Mist is very good (I have her in an alternate account), just pulled her a few days ago.

As for the Titans, the teams you suggested are the exact same teams I am currently using. (except Mist of course - she is unleveled).

Again, thank you for your answer!!!

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Excellent advice here. I agree with almost everything stated.

I would add the following:

  • Can second working on Colen. I have him at +20 emblems and he is better than maxed but unemblemed Azlar. You can get a lot of use out of him including tournies (4*, 5* rush), titans (if you don’t have a higher attack red) and PVE. I still use him on my first red war team too. If you don’t go with Colen then Scarlett would be a good choice for titans, OK for raids until you get to diamond

  • Cyprian can really help you out if you find yourself struggling on PVE levels

  • Bera at 3/70 might also be helpful on PVE if you are struggling there. Any strong minion maker is a good addition to PVE

  • Definitely focus on Almur first in the greens. LJ is be good for harder PVE level bosses but not much else.

  • Echo the sentiments about Wu and Mist. Wu will also help with improving your score on some event levels


You brought me luck!. Finally Wilbur AND Proteus! in a single 10pull

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You’ve already got some great advice up there which should keep you busy for a while! Only 2 things to add:

  1. Pick a hero (Or 5 if you are doing one per color) and stick to it. The most common mistake is to start levelling a hero and leave it midway to level another one based on a recent summon/ better recommendation/ alliance war common defense color needed or whatever else reason. The later stages of levelling are a PAIN! The temptation to do a quick level or 2 on a newer hero is immense. Resist it. Finish heroes.

  2. I don’t know your 3* roster, but if you have Nordri, max him for Titans. (Or pull in Valhalla for him) That blue def down will really help against Red Titans. Emblem him up to make him sturdier. 3s are cheap to max emblem. Take mana pots and revive scrolls to make sure he fires. I use him against 9-10 Titans at +20 with Kiril, Grimm, Magni and Wu. Then if you want more oomph against red Titans, pick Jott. He is crazy with blue tiles.

Happy gaming :slight_smile:

I am doing one per colour. I already have a maxed Nordri and indeed he helps a lot. He fires at least once. Our alliance is battling against 8* and occationally 9* titans, so he can fires at least once with the help of mana potions (and a bit of luck not been targeted first)

I level my heroes to the end, unless I find one I really want, who is much much better than the one I am leveling that time (that happens rarely). Then I finish the current tier and stop.

Yes, I know the later levels are a pain in the @@@@. Especially to the 5*. For Kage to go from 60 to 80 it took forever!

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