Help with creating a list of my top 3 teams

I need help putting together teams, here’s what I have.

Thank you for any help you can give

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What are your team’s for?

Usually, your only static team is for defence and everything else is designed around your enemy

I’ve been playing, but don’t understand the building of teams. I posted before adding my screenshot of heros. Another topic was started with screenshot

Ok, no problem.

So we can suggest a defence team, but if you are attacking, I suggest you pick a different team based on your enemies strengths and weaknesses.

I also suggest you pick a hero for each colour and level just those five, your roster is a little all over the place.

Are you in an alliance?

So, a rainbow 4* team to build could be triton - Li xui - Gadeirus - Gormek - Sabina

A 3* team could be Gato - gan ju - Cochin -mnessus - Azad

I’d suggest building a solid 3* team first, although you can use Kiril and 4* you have already started.


Yes I’m in an alliance Wolfpack 119.
I only play this game on my phone

… I would suggest getting advice from alliance mates. If they’ve been playing a while, they should be a great source of advice. If not, I’d advise you to find a training alliance - there are heaps As they should want you to bash titans and do multiple one shots in alliance wars, because then your alliance gets stronger.

Also, I’d put your 5* heros aside for a bit as they are very costly in materials. Build up your 3* & 4* heros, especially the fast mana ones.

I’d start with finishing Kiril, Rigard, Boldtusk as they are among the best healers in the game and Bane (he’s only 4 levels away).
Then work to finish Kelile, Grimm, Gadeirus, Wu Kong, Sonya, Guardian Falcon and Little John. Then Seshat.

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Thank you, that’s solid advice, I think it’s time to find a good alliance.

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I’ll do that, was getting frustrated with growing heros, it taking so long to get the materials and haven’t found the farming thing to my benefit

Btw raiding is the best source of food and iron. I find stacking three colours against the tank and two colours against a strong flank my most successful setup - so 3:2.

By the way is there any of my heros that I can get rid of?

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If you post an updated roster I can make suggestions. Although there is a 1* tournament coming this month, so what use to be feeders could be stars - go figure!

Arman is meh, Oberon, 1 is too many - although that’s just my opinion :smile:

Edit - 1* & 2* tournaments cancelled

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My apologies for being so long to respond, was having trouble finding my post and internet difficulties.

Firstly, I’d eat all the 2* heros.

You have some awesome Atlantis heros and a number of great 5* heros - super jelly of MN, oops this is about you, not me :slightly_frowning_face:.

I would hold levelling up your 5* (Grazul & Khagan), as lower level heros will be quicker and less expensive to level up.

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Lots of scattergun levelling in your history.

It’ll save you a little time later, but for now put one rainbow team together and run with it… Then build hero’s up to fit in afterwards.

Focus on 3* and 4*.

Let’s look at your bench for good hero’s with plenty already done to start with…

  • Kelile, already on tier 4, underrated 4* sniper.
  • Grimm, already tier 4, defence debuffers are valuable full stop and Grimm is a huge hitter for 4*.
  • Hisan, yes only 3* but one of the very best 3* and already maxed.
  • Bane, again 3* but a very good 3* and maxed with emblems.
  • Rigard… Needs work but this rainbow team needs a healer and he’s a great one

That’s the rainbow I’d run for general play for now… Feed purple, green and yellow feeders to Rigard to begin with, feed blue to Grimm and red to Kelile.

Once you’ve got Kelile, Grimm and Rigard maxed, I’d move on to Wu Kong, Kiril and either LJ or Melendor.

Rainbow feeding is more economical long term, but you’re in an odd position… I’d feed to the ones you need to get back on track, then move back to rainbow feeding once you have a complete 4* team done.

Training camps… You should be piling in as many feeders as possible.
If you can, run your training camps all except one at low cost (or extra low cost, if you have it) and run the last one at uncommon.
This combination gives you plenty of feeders without draining you of the ability to use them.
Farm season 1 level 8,7 over and over for recruits and backpacks - don’t bother trying to advance further through the map for the moment.

Thank you for the great advice, I am currently taking your advice and applying it to my game play and am seeing great results. Thank you for taking your time to coach me on the game.