6 Mysterious Tonics: For Whom?

I have read several similar posts akin to my issue, but every player has their own variance.

I just got my third set of tonics from my titan chest this morning, but I am faced with the same dilemma on who to ascend. So far, among my nature heroes, I have only maxed Alberich +4 and Lianna. The four star nature heroes maxed are Kashhrek, Buddy, Little John and 1st Melendor, all unemblemed. But the 6 tonics will be given to which hero:

• 2nd Lianna currently at 3/57 (can easily make it to 3/70 as I have almost 50 stored 3 star trainer heroes of various elements)?
• Any of the 2 Evelyns, both at 3/70?
• Gregorion, who, for the longest time is still at 3/70, by-passed by Alberich and 1st Lianna?

Other nature heroes are: Atomos (1/1), Elkanen (1/1), Kadilen (1/1), Gadeirus (1st tier), Gobbler (1st tier), 2nd Buddy (1/1), 2nd Gadeirus (1/1), Skittleskull (1/1), Caedmon (1/1) and 2nd Melendor.

I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and experience. Thank you, guys.

U have a nice stable of nature heroes. I think there r a few great choices but I personally would go with Melendor because of the debuffing and then Gobbler because in a time of what seams to b endless minion-spawning heroes he erases them. Very handy little trick. I think there is a case for them all though.

I love my Evelyn, to be fair she is my alts only 5* green. But I have Zeline on my main and love them both.

Evelyn - even if she works at 3/70, it would be good to have her maxed for her to survive longer in battle.


Evelyn. 100%. Makes titans much more fun.

Yup, Evelyn is awesome. And also since both Evelyn and Lianna are fast mana heroes, their specials will charge at the same time and makes for a mean 1-2 punch. Ofcourse, Evelyn at 3.70 will also have the same utility, so choice is whether you want one solid team for titans, or two seperate teams for war scenarios. In that case you can go with 2nd Lianna, so that you will have two sets of Evelyn 3.70 + Lianna 4.80 punch. So depends on what your scenario is. :slight_smile:

Probably can do a 4 hit combo with 2 Eves and 2 Liannas.

Confirm at least 2 kills. :wink:


That would be real brutal combo. :wink:


Wouldn’t consider any other hero than Evelyn. Also as long as you have a hero to level that would be used in at least one game mode I wouldn’t do off-color training.

Unfortunately, based on my experience, my 3/70 Evelyn and maxed Lianna, most of the time, cannot kill a previously unscathed enemy hero, especially if it is a 5 star maxed one. Can anybody confirm whether a maxed Evelyn and a maxed Lianna, both without talents, can kill a maxed 5 star hero at full health? Thanks.

I agree. But my question is, to whom do my tonics be given to? 4 star nature heroes don’t need tonics.

I have eve maxed and lianna at +6 going atk heavy, there are some heroes that don’t go down in 1 from unscathed (think kunchen and other tanky heroes emblemed up def / health path) but almost everyone is 1 and done

Also +1 vote for eve - my raid team is eve and lianna and 3 strong vs the tank - that fast mana 1-2 is great. 3 strong can normally take out the tank with tiles then I can pick who is the biggest threat and take them with the 1-2. On a bad board for the 3 stack the 1-2 Will take out the tank if they are dangerous

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Evelyn. I’ve had the Eve-Lianna one shot my heroes too often, even the 5*s

They can kill most with defense around 700+ and HP 1200+.

Those like MN and Kunchen is not possible unless you get critical hit.

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Another vote for Evie. Greg’s crit bonus will apply at 3/70, but you’ll use Evie more

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100% Eve. My alt account has gotten as far as 31 in the top 100 mostly due to raiding with a maxed Eve and Hansel. My go to team is around 3850 TP and so long as I get green tiles, I can take out any team I like. She’s very underrated

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