Tonics for...?

I’ve got a really nice stable of maxed nature heroes:

Yunan +20
Alby +18
Lianna +7
Evelyn +7
Zeline +6
G. Chameleon +4
Tarlak +4

And a number at 3.70:

Morgan Le Fay
Costume Horghall

Who should get the next set of tonics? MLF is super fun, but Ratatoskr seems like he’d help on Titan hits, and Zocc seems pretty useful in some circumstances. Maybe Hatter should be in the mix? Really hope to pull Frida eventually, but no sense waiting for someo that make take forever to happen.

I’m using Yunan as my tank, so probably won’t ascend Telly or Atomos, at least until I get many of the others ascended. Even with his costume, Horghall still seems subpar.

Surprising you haven’t maxed Telluria out. I would go with Rataoskr he would be a massive boost on titans. Kadilen if it was her costume. She is super fun.

I was already using Yunan as my tank, and didn’t see the incremental upgrade with Telly as worth the tonics. Given her serial beating with the nerf bat, I’m glad I held back.

Yeah good move for sure. It sure is nice to see some diversity in peoples teams too.


Well, make sure not to feed her tonics if you do… she’s more into telescopes… :wink:

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Tonics go to whoever has the gin.



Haha, I meant Frigg :joy:

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I vote for the rat. Im finding him to be much better than advertised. If run mono he is fantastic, even 3-2 he’s good. Plus on titans he’s a beast. Very under rated hero.

The synergy created around Tarlak, Evelyn and Ratatoskr is unbelievable. My vote is for Ratatoskr because those three combined with Greg’s crit increase deal massive amounts of damage to enemies and titans.


good to see you @King_Kyree77, I also vote for the rat! Very nice green bench to work with TWA


Good to be here @JAWS_3D, which alliance are you in nowadays?

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:bear: hunkered down with the heathens at Grizzly Nation, I think you’ll see a lot of familiar & friendly faces there :grin: :wink: @Purpeyes just got a rat that he is working on as well

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+1 I’m looking forward to Tarlak and Rat combo :rat::rat::rat:

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I think I’ll go with him. I’ve been thinking about MLF for quite awhile (she was one of my first 5 stars), but I’ve got a lot of fast sources of damage already, and wouldn’t use her in a tank role.

Plus, I’m looking forward to adding him to the already deadly, Guardian Chameleon & Tarlak show.

I’ve been using Tarlak / G. Cham / Evelyn / Buddy / Alby on green titans and when the tiles line up right, I can drop a ton of damage. If I replace Alby with the Rat, I’d imagine that goes up even more. I’d love to get Frigg to replace Buddy in that lineup.

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