6 month mark - My advice to new players

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These guys are lurking posts to find things to complain about. They complain about people complaining, they complain about people trying to give tips and they tell you all about how they’ve been so successful not spending a dime and how stress free and fun this game has been for them and then they complain about their own comments. So ridiculous…


appreciate the kind words.

Thanks for the helpful post! I’m at about a month, and I haven’t spent any money yet, but I think I’m doing okay, so far. I have absolutely no idea how the events/wars work. I initially level a rainbow of 3*'s up to max, and I have one 4*, and I am just keeping any 3*'s I get, and feeding everyone else to level them up? I’m not sure if that’s a good strategy or not, considering your advice about needing at least 30 heroes. Does it matter who they are? I’m not sure of what the other teams are supposed to do.

when u go into an alliance war u can only.use a hero one time per fight. 6 total fights means u would need at least 30 to have full teams for all fights. people play differently as you figure out a playstyle you like try to get heroes that flow well with your style and pay attention to what counters what and what stacks with what. will be huge later

Ah! Thank you, makes sense. I haven’t played in one, yet.

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Great post. Just adding I was f2p until about lvl 26 and had reasonable success. I added a vip for last 2 months and it has definitely sped up progress but as a lot of ppl are saying paying is not necessary. I chose to support the devs because of the sheer amount of enjoyment I’ve had and (for me) is def worth the small expenditure.


Howdy, @TitusBear -

Here’s a good thread with some helpful information:
Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started."

For a deeper dive, here’s another:


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