Advice on Yellow, pull the trigger on Uraeus?

Have only 7 darts. My current yellow team looks like this

Sir Roostley+20, Malosi, Bai Yeong+19, Joon+20, Mist+18

Ureaus is on 3.70 and waiting that i pull the trigger.
have no other 5* yellow. Have enough emblems to max him.

I usually do fine without a healer as both malosi and bai yeong can prevent devastating specials.

Was thinking about removing Sir Roostley and adding ureaus on the offense team, as he is usually only ready when the tank is gone.

On defense will keep sir roostley.

Mist while 4* has so many special effects its hard to justify taking her out.

other 4* i have maxxed but which dont consider putting to offensive team are Chao, Li Xiu, 2xWu Kong, 2xGullinbursti.

Was thinking what if I get Vivica from from Hero Acedemy, would she be worth acending instead of Uraeus? I see alot of regret threads, that she is to slow without costume.

Was thinking to wait for wonderland, to see if I luck out on White Rabbit otherwise pull the trigger?

Any other heros in sight in events that would be more worth than Uraeus? Going to do 30 pull in one of the next events probably S4.

Uraeus is a really decent hero against the enemy teams with minions. If there aren’t, he’s a kind of Joon with speed average.

Regarding healers, I’d ascend Gullinbursti rather than Vivica. That pig is definitely awesome.

However, I recommend you to wait until you make the 30 pulls in the season 4, as there are some holy heroes that would deserve the mats.


He is very good and worth ascending, just don’t bring him against Skadi :stuck_out_tongue:

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I agree with @Silencio, Gullin should be more than enough to fulfill your needs for yellow healer, especially if you emblem him. So do not worry about it that much. I wouldn’t ascend Vivica in your case, unless you get her with the costume or great surplus of darts. Uraeus will be much bigger difference for your offensive team. Him bypassing the minions comes really handy if you get in trouble with minion-heavy team.

Of course, waiting few days until Wonderland is over to see if you get lucky with the White Rabbit wouldn’t hurt at all. Rabbit is better than Uraeus obviously, but no one can tell you now whether you get lucky and pull him or not.

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Urareus is my secret weapon against all those annoying af corner Seshats. Oh you think you can hide behind those replicator minions? Too bad I can bypass them AND give you sand damage on top. I’ve been using him a lot more ever since I got my yellow mana troop to lv 23, and I like him a lot.


I like the idea of waiting another couple of weeks to see what you get from a 30 pull.

After that I think it’s an easy yes because of the emblems. I imagine you don’t have the same emblem surplus in every other class. Uraeus with full emblems will still be better than most other legendaries without emblems.

I also support everyone saying Gullinbursti >= Viv

I have an unemblemed vivica (4/80) and a gulli+20, I would usually take gulli when given the option to just about anything, not that vivica is bad I just think gulli is better, as I value his over healing.

Never hurts to wait to see if something better comes around, 4* mats are scarce. I got him last month and will ascend him since I’m VC2P and unlikely to get better.

I’ve seen him a few times on defense seems solid, hits like a truck when emblemed

I have him maxed and find he’s great against minion teams and in the minion war, don’t forget all enemies with minions get the sand damage not just the one you target.

Does decent damage against titans, even more so when Wu powered (we don’t talk about the misses😉).

I also use him in raids when I need to stack against purple and his damage means he works even when no minions are on the enemy.

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A few more points for uraeus:

  • basically 5% heal by making minions for all yellows
  • a passive bonus that will allways work (50 heal for dead minion, and a passive bonus that never happens (immune to sand damage)
  • very tough stats, therefore hits like joon whilst living much longer.
  • many minion heroes are appearing. Uraeus sand damage also is heavy, even higher than roc does
  • bypass minions is a unique ability , you should never underestimate.
  • sorcerer have 4% manabonus on talent 20 what makes uraeus one tile faster with mana troops 11 (!)

So a very tactical hero that, of course, stands best against any minion team, but also against druid teams (we all know that they sometimes spawn 2 or 3 minions very fast).

Just one hero can be compared to that:
She bypasses minions by stealing them first, so I think she is even better here.

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I already have joon and poseidon. Other maxed yellow is vivica. Mostly use them for wars/raids.

Wondering if i should level uraeus when i already have 2 fast yellow snipers

Uraeus is great for minion meta, and minion wars in general.

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