What would make a good dream team

Hello everyone,
I’m a bit of a novice player with few tiles to upgrade my heros. I’m looking to set up my first fully upgraded 5* team. I’ve been looking at Anchors guide, but finding the perfect matches for the 5* heros to complete each other has become frustrating. Any help with setting a team would be most appreciated. I would say it’s mostly an offensive team for wars and raids.

My purple heros:

Red heros:

Green heros:

Yellow heros:
Vivica (costume)

Blue heros:

As of right now I’m using Sartana, Marjana,
Vivica, Vela and Kingston. I like the look of Tyr and Telluria. I’ve considered switching those two out but then what to do with Vivica or do I leave her.
Thanks for any advice you are able to give me.

I will go Jordan, Lebron James, Kobe, Larry Bird, and Shaq at centre


Lol thank you I’ll take that to heart. What do you think of Barkley though?

In my honest opinion, if it was me, I would have my middle three as:
Jean-Francois / Telluria / Vela or
Tyr / Telluria / Vela
And going with a rainbow team - Sartana and Vivica on the wings
Good luck


Thanks for taking my smart donkey comment so well

Now that you have edited your post I can give a better answer

If you want a rainbow team I would think

Sartana Mitsuko Telluria Vela Leo

Yellow is clearly the weak link here

PS Barkley all mouth no game :stuck_out_tongue:

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But don’t use rainbow when raiding, that was for defense. It’s fine to go 3-2 with a couple of fives and some fours, picking your attackers based on the defense

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So you rightly want to think about offense first… But if that brings you defensive ability then that’s (probably) a bonus.
You’ll want a mix of attacking powerhouses, some healing and support… I’ll build the list up in the order I’d prioritize them.

Nature: Telluria gives you great attacking support (I use her a lot on attacks) by giving you heal over time and slows enemy mana regen, plus meatshields… And she’s arguably the best defence anchor in the game, a bonus but a welcome one.

Ice: unless you’re going to be facing >10* titans, Vela is an obvious choice… And even if you are, she probably still is.

Dark/Holy - in your position, I’d be looking at one of the healers from one colour and an attacker from the other…
I’d probably err towards Vivica because costume bonus gets you far more stats for equal emblem investment AND because your dark attacking options are stronger - if you’ve got decent dispellers in 4* already then Sartana (you should have?), if not then maybe lean towards Domitia.

Fire: as useful as Grazul has become because of her ability against Telluria tanks, I’d probably go for Mitsuko first, although Marj and Tyr are great attackers too… This is your most difficult colour to decide!

For me - a good mix that should get you through anything, and play well with your 4’s:
Telluria, Vela, Vivica (and max/use the costume), Sartana, Mitsuko.


A novice player with THOSE heroes!? Wow. Very lucky! There is no set offensive team. You have to change it based on who you attack. I usually stack 3-2 to tank-flank.

Defensively the center trio of JF, Telluria, Vela is maybe the strongest in the game (grave instead of JF is a bit better).


I agree with @Rduke77 on two things: that’s not too shabby a roster for a novice. I’ll also say, I learned to raid using a 3-2 way too late. I can’t find the video I watched at that time, but essentially you use three of strong color against the defense’s tank, then two of the strong color against one of the flanks (with the complication that you never want the second color to be weak for either flank) so 3 greens and two yellows against a blue tank or three purples and two reds against a yellow tank (but never 3 greens and two reds). Learning to do this changed everything for me.

Having done one good deed for you (that is, wasting hours of your day finding and watching videos on how to raid), I’ll say that I agree with @Infinite that yellow is a weak spot. Justice is okay, but only as a tank and Telluria is a good tank. I like speed on defense, so I’ll rule out Vivica, too. I’ll also encourage you to start developing troops that accelerate mana, if you haven’t already done so. As in football/soccer, speed kills.

For blue, Vela on a wing. I like Miki for red Titans, but Vela will be on my defense team as soon as I obtain a telescope.

for green, Kingston is good (you’ll love him in raids) but Telluria is your tank.

For purple, I don’t have Kunchen but see him a lot in the diamond arean. I like Sartana, too, especially on the wing.

If yellow is your weak spot, red is your strength. You have some good choices. I like Marjana (more than many who participate in this forum), so I would have her on the wing or flank.

So, my recommendation is: Leonidas - Kunchen - Telluria - Marjana - Vela. (this puts your tank’s weak color next to your tank so as to charge a flank as your opponent tries to take out your tank.)

By the way did you know that you can see how others position their heroes on Titan Mafia? Now I have wasted another hour of your time mulling that over.

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Thanks for making something out of the original nonsense. I let my novice side shine right through with that post.

Hey, you’ve got to ask! I hope you’ll enjoy the research as much as I did. Thanks for posting.

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Thanks for your answer. I’ll have to check out YouTube to see if I can find the video you mentioned.

Thanks for all that have replied. My current line up is Sartana-Marjana-Vivica(costume)-Vela-Kingston in that order. I range between 1900-2100 trophy’s and 150-190 in wars.

Based on advice here I’m going to go with Sartana-Marjana-Telluria-Vivica-Vela. I choose this line up based on Telluria and Vela where almost unanimous, I like Vivica over Kutchen with costume, although Mitsuko seemed heavily favored she would conflict with Vivica sorcerers class and Marjana was my first red and in last assention (I’ll be working on getting Mitsuko up and may trade out for Leo and Kutchen), and finally Sartana seemed to also have a strong recommendation.

I will keep everyone posted on progress and any changes if they happen. Will also include problems or advantages I find with line up.

Nice lineup… like how you put Bird in there.


Always gotta give em the Bird

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You’ve had me thinking about this for days now, thanks for that. You took me back to my disappoint every year when Ewing and the Knicks lost to Jordan (I’d say and the Bulls but they really didn’t have much to do with it).

Oh and I think I’d switch out Magic Johnson with Shaq. I mean really all you have to do is foul Shaq.

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Yeah Shaq was a stretch, just a big body in the middle was needed. Anyway…

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