5* Ascension Advice - Red and Green options

Would be grateful for a bit of sage advice from the community. I am a reasonably experienced player and have 12 maxed 5* heroes (almost 13) as follows:

Purple - Killhare +8, Seshat +8, Sartana +3
Yellow - Poseidan +4, Leonidas +7, Vivica 4/74
Blue - Vela +10, Finley +9
Green - Lady of the Lake +10, Telluria +9, Kingston +6
Red - Marjana +9, Jean-Franscois +6

Because it takes so long to get the ascension materials I like to plan and get the better heroes lined up at 3/70 so they are ready to do the final max. I am a little way off having the mats for another purple, yellow and blue, but within two 5* mats for green and red - and its these I need advice.

Here are my current options:

Margaret 3/70 - bit more usable since the buff and would be good for titans
Ratastoskr - As I already have LOTL this one will have to wait

Azlar 3/70 - have loads of barbarian emblems
Tyr - best 5* red option but will compete with Killhare, Kingston and Poseidan for emblems
Elena 2/60
Noor 2/25

My thoughts are as follows:
Green - ruled out Ratatoskr and Zocc at this stage - but not sure which of the other three best compliments my other 5* heroes - Margaret is ready, Gregorian is a sniper like Kingston, Kadilen hit all and crit defence - I am leaning towards Kadilen
Red - Tyr is the better hero but will compete for emblems, whereas Azlar is ready to go and there is the chance I can pick up the costume - not sure on this one…

What would you advise?

IMO, Margaret and Tyr.
Margaret after buff is great, I also plan to ascend her, but depend on later, if I can have Frigg I will ascend Atomos 1st in the project level, if not, then Margaret hit-3 even small but in very fast with budy and Evelyn/Almur is great synergy. But yes Margaret high attack stat is the significant indicator too.
Element link is not so efective, only if the opponent with blue tank and double red flank it is.

Tyr for versatile overall in offense I think is great, I do not have him though, so I’m not sure.

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In my honest opinion, for green I would focus on Margaret and then Kadilen unless you have Kadilen’s costume (then her).
For your reds I would have said Tyr but you then have a conflict with emblems. So my advice would be get your 5* reds to 3/70 and see who you enjoy playing best or gives you better results

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