Best 4* heroes to level for raids

I have quite a few 4* heroes that I’m looking to level for a raid attack team. Which heroes would be best to level for each color? My current team is Gormek, Hansel, Gretel, Sonya, and Rigard

-Gretel - 3/36
-Guardian Jackal - 1/26
-Chao - 1/24
-Li Xiu - 1/27
-Hu Tao - 1/34

-Rigard - 3/50
-Sabina - 2/16
-Tiburtus - 1/15
-Gafar - 2/40

-Gormek - 3/48
-Guardian Falcon - 1/7
-Scarlett - 1/4
-Kelile - 1/1

-Sonya - 2/44
-Grimm - 2/28
-Kiril - 1/23

-Melendor - 2/50
-Hansel - 3/60

Wow I wouldn’t know where to start but I believe the first thing everyone is going to want to know is what is your current raid team and what so you already have leveled?

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I just edited my post. Thanks!

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The only other thing I could add is level up 5 hero’s at a time. Feed blue to blue, red to red, etc. etc. Just taking a wild guess but it looks like you are somewhat new and spent some coin so don’t throw all your 3*s away. You’ll need them for events. If not disregard and know that I’m super jealous. I also wouldn’t recommend training color specifics at your TC. Its really expensive.

I disagree, it’s better to focus on one hero when levelling otherwise it will take an eternity.

My levelling strategy might not be the best but it does work.
I have four Level 20 camps, two of them constantly doing legendary training (sometimes three)

When I have a new hero to level I have two camps constantly doing training for the specific color, and keep levelling that hero (10x same color every time) until the special skill is high enough to be at max when the hero is fully ascended (which is 4x skill improved)
Once the skill is high enough I stop training color specific feeders and switch to cheap lvl11 training on those two camps.
Once I have a lot of food and recruits I put one camp on lvl19 training to get tons of 1*'s once food and/or recruits are depleted (usually food, especially when the hero in last tier) I put the TC back to lvl11 training.

Still I wonder if there might be a faster way to level hero’s I prefer not to use lvl2 training to preserve backbacks, my amount of backpacks is usually above 500

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I get that but running 2 TC 20s surely you have a maxed team for everything you need. I can see that being suficiant when trying to just make that one team to build off of. Speicals will max 8/8 for 4*s before maxed almost every time. Using color specific training not only takes longer but using swords and backpacks for each training is going to use them up quickly. As stated above I wouldn’t even known where to start with that list but I think most would agree with me off doing 5 at a time. Doing one at a time is going to leave weak spots for a very long time and I just think that leveling his/hers team together is going to help progress. I do respect your opinion though and have considered training specific colors to level but the forums have kept me on track this way. I run 1, 2, 3, very cheap, and shortly will start back up on very fast as soon as I my other 2 TCs hit 19. Before I leveled up to legendary and ran 19 for a few days I still feel like it trained all five evenly for the most part.

For attacking, I would focus on Jackal, Rigard, Gormek, Sonya, and Hansel. That gives you a versatile team with a good balance of special skills. Get them to 4/70 first.
Heroes to watch for and prioritize include Wu Kong, Boldtusk, and Grimm.


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