Which 4* Heroes do you guys like

I’m trying to get the strongest war team.

Who would you level out of this group and who would you try to pull. I obviously made a rookie mistake of merging most of my 4s into the 5

Boldtusk is waiting on emblems and Cyprian is stuck at 60 3 for a while now. I don’t have enough Trap Tools.

Best is 2-3x rainbow 4* heroes maxed, then level 5* heroes.

IMO, hold cyprian for a while, and level Proteus ASAP, and ascend Proteus 1st.
Do not touch any of 5*heroes for now.

Red: Gormek
Blue: Kiril, Sonya, Grimm, Mireweave Triton
Green: Caedmon
Yellow: Wu, Chao
Purple: Proteus, Rigard, Cyprian


I have my 5s on hold. I‘m trying to max a 4 rainbow team before a start on a second one.

Red - ?
Blue -?
Green -?
Yellow - ?
Purple - ?

I would max out gad, triton, proteus, boldtusk, wu, and rigard all first. Followed by Grimm and Kiril. I am not a fan of Chao or the panda, I would wait for other 4* yellow.

Gad alone is questionable, but when combined with proteus and triton and then also emblemmed, he is a force of nature.

Rigard and wu will probably be your most used 4* over the next several years.

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If you’re looking for immediate rainbow progress then

Purp - Proteus - abandon everything, proteus is your best hero. Cyp can keep waiting. Proteus number 1. I’d actually feed him your red feeders too because gormek is pretty meh.

Red - you can bring gormek to 3/60 while you wait for a better red imo. But i think I’d give your red feeders to proteus because he’s way more useful than the hungry one will ever be

Yellow - wu. I use him for everything, atk def and titans, although he’s defs not the best on defence. He’ll make a huge difference on your titan scores and offense so easy choice over chao.

Definitely caedmon for greens. Some people think kash is a decent tank (i disagree - he was my fave tank to come up against in low-mid plat), but you’ve already got bt maxed so you don’t need him. Gad is really only good in buff booster tourneys so he can wait too.

Blue - you’ve got a lot of good options here so it’s going to come down to your playstyle preference/goals ultimately.

Titans? Grimm
Want a second heal/buff? Kiril
Extra debuff to deal with rampant riposte in gold/plat? Sonya
Want to get some extra oomph from bt and still have a sniper? Triton

For my playstyle i think I’d recommend grimm>sonya>kiril 3/60>triton. Kiril works fine for me at 3/60 when his skill is maxed, i find I don’t need his extra atk. Grimm is useful on offense with the def debuff and high atk, and will help on titans a lot more than gormek. Sonya’s great on offense and defense but i think having a def debuff is a little more useful since you’ll have caed already. Not a kiril fan at all myself, but like i said before his skill can be useful at times. Triton is a really good sniper but not very versatile beyond that. edit family bonus with Triton/proteus is nothing to ignore either. Really helps keep proteus alive to get off his special, which is absolutely game changing.

Hope this helps. Cheers

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Jackal jackal jackal (someone needs to Change the badger song to jackal)
Rigard falcon gadeirus ammennoa proteus Wilbur Grimm triton Caedmon kiril BT Colen kash etc

As far as the best 4* in the game goes…

  • Wilbur and Proteus allow you to punch above your weight like no others.
    Since you have Proteus already he should definitely be a priority.

  • Elemental debuffers remain useful even among 5* teams - so Guardians Falcon and Jackal are ones worth pulling hard for (if you’re into chasing a bit, but know your limits!!).

  • Ramming Pulverisers are awesome hero’s… you have Gormek and Grimm who both have this special.
    Generally the correct advice is to prioritize Grimm of the two - in this case, you don’t have another worthy red and you do have highly useful alternative blues to work on… I’d probably go with Gormek and work on Kiril first, then Grimm next.

  • Dispellers and cleansers.
    Caedmon is a very useful hero to have maxed, so is Rigard - you’ll want both of these ASAP. Sonya is also useful, but I’d do both Kiril and Grimm first and possibly Triton too.

  • Wu Kong.
    Noone will help you more with titan scores until/unless you land yourself Miki, Gazelle or Tarlak.

So without knowing any more about your bench:
Dark = Proteus, then Rigard.
Holy = Wu
Fire = Gormek
Ice = Kiril, then Grimm.
Nature = Caedmon.

What do you have maxed already, btw?


This is my 5s and Boldtusk. I’m mostly building for wars.

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Dark – Proteus absolutely. You will use him even with 5*'s. Rigard is an excellent healer, one of the best.

Holy – Holy is typically weak in 4* but Wu Kong is a titan staple until/unless you get Miki (maybe Tarlak).

Ice – Boril is a superior 4* tank. Triton is an excellent sniper. Grimm is the best Pulverizer (def down :+1:), Kiril is also very useful.

Nature – Caedmon is a mini-me Lianna, Gadeirus - don’t know about Brynhild

Fire – Gormek (also def down) - maybe Sumie?

For wars – never enough healers :rofl:

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Brynhild, she’s a fast Kashhrek.
Already cool at special lvl 5.
And she’s a rogue.
Best green 4* tank.


Unless you have the mats to max those five stars, you’re building a main team first… You’ll have more ability/power much faster by focusing on the 4* team first.

That’s why I’m asking which 4s to max out.


Woops… I forget…
Correct… Brynhild is best, specially if you follow Trial Quests.
But I think fast dispeller is more needed for wars. So after Caedmon then Brynhild IMO, you already have BT and followup by Kiril, Rigard and Sabina.


Good call upgrading Proteus. He’s a beast in PvP.

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He’s a beast everywhere except defence… And he can still be irritating there, sometimes!

Which dark do you like better on defense? If Proteus had a fast mana he’d be a top hero

I use Sartana on my defense – my Bobby Hull (Left Wing).

Probably Cyprian for now… Proteus might take over once nearer to maxed.

Remember defence is a low priority - you should ascend based on attacking utility (it gets you more mats, more quickly) and NOT based on defence (it does nothing but hold cups).

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Nice hockey reference but I played rugby, same concept though.

I use Satana and Poseidon as my wings. Vela and Horghall as flankers and BT as the tank

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The question is are you working on 4* or 5*? For 4* dark Cyprian is most useful as a tank up to mid-platinum or so. Rigard is a great healer. Either of those, although in the long run Rigard will be more versatile and useful. Especially with his costume.

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