2 players looking for alliance that is fully active

Me and my gf both are top attackers in our alliance with 80k plus every day against 5 star titans. But 6 people are always missing and we want to be able to defeat higher level guys. Let us know of such an alliance exists.
Name in game is Crimson7272

Hi Crimson! Guardians Alliance would be happy to have you and your girlfriend join us. We are a friendly bunch with many active long time members. We always take down 7 star titans and occasionally 8 stars. When we’ve had a full roster in the past 8s were going down pretty well too.

Sounds good. Send me a message and invite bambi7272 as well

I’m not sure there is a way to directly invite people in game. But you can find us in alliance search and join! Our leader’s name is ExtraordinaryLeo if that makes it easier to find. Our alliance is open so join whenever.

Hi Crimson,
Treadmill Heroes United need 2.
We have 28 active players currently taking 7-9* titans all friendly and full of advice.

Look us up and if you still need an alliance we welcome you.

Hi I just hit the 2000 mark for team power and am pretty active. Would I be able to join?

Search Battle Toads, tell them Pops sent you. They are active and fighting 7 and 8 star Titans

Yeah search for guardians alliance

I tried to apply for both of your guilds but the trophy requirement was too high. I am at around 550 right now. Would an invite be able to be sent to me? My user name in the game is Nenromeas

Alliances cannot send invites (“invite only” is a misnomer which simply means you ask to join and have to wait for someone to reject or approve you).

Alliances CAN lower their trophy requirements if they so choose. :slight_smile:


The Black Pearl is very active and we have been around quite along time. We have never pushed cups. Always optional.

We have a Very knowledgeable crew. We push to 9s and drop down for events. We leave the doors open during recruiting so mercs can have a safe place if they need to use flags.

Many excellent alliances out there, figured I would post another option for you.

Best of luck,

Olympians has 3 spaces too. We’re starting to bring down 7*s, plenty of advice and banter on the chat, plus we meet for steaks and cocktails on Tuesdays

(Disclaimer - its possible one of these statements isnt entirely accurate)

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9* titans and you’d like members with 2000 team power???

Some folks don’t mind allowing members to grow with them. :slight_smile:


Personality comes first for us. We have never officially had a static line so not sure where 2k power is coming from? We suggest 3k+ power but like Dat said we are open to having someone grow with us.

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You replied to Nenromeas, who said he has 2000 team power.
2000 TP is less than maxed 3* heroes.

I apologize for that, I was making a General statement based on the thread creator Crimson. I use @ if I am making a direct comment toward someone. Sorry for the confusion.

Come to our team name this is sparta

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