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So I’ve been really blessed to get some holy heroes and wanting an idea of which to push all the way.
I have Guin fully leveled, but have since gotten Joon, Drake, and Inari. All three are fully leveled at 3:70 or soon will be and I have enough mats to take one of them to full ascension.

I have a good bench of heroes of all colors. I enjoy Raids, AW, and all other aspects of the game so I’m not really focused on one particular aspect of the game.

Joon and Drake are both strong hitters and I like the idea of ascending them for that extra oomf against enemies and the versatility they offer in all situations. Inari is also appealing because of her skill set and I don’t really have another hero like her so I’m tempted to raise her fully first for that reason.

So Inari is my first choice and was hoping for some thoughts from everyone who may have these heroes and can give me pros and cons.


I only have Inari. She is indeed fun to use, but only against enemies that gain mana (so the boss level of quests). but it is incredibly fun to watch bosses die by minion attacks. Among your 3 choices though she requires the most thought and the most careful timing to use effectively (I’ve learned the hard way after mis-timing her special and having it run out before a Titan or enemy hero uses it special :slight_smile: )


I have both drake and joon not inari…
I use joon more often than Drake so my vote goes for joon…
Drake is better for a defense team.
Joon is more versatile imo.

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I would say Joon, then Drake. Both should boost your Titan scores and add more depth. As a sniper, I think Joon helps a bit more against Titans. Only reason I think he goes ahead of Drake.

I don’t have Inari but I think a Yellow hitter will help more than another support hero


That’s a good point about Inari, I hadn’t thought of that. I’ve just recently started using her in battles to try and get a feel for her and I’ve been struggling to find a good synergy with her talents.

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one more point about Inari; the minions she summons give the enemy heroes mana when they hit. can be good in that an enemy is more likely to fire a special while Inari’s skill is active, but can be bad when the timing really stinks and you get bombarded by three more specials without your heroes dodging.

i always bring a healer or two alongside her when i raid with her, just in case :slight_smile: i also use her with Li Xiu (my only other maxed Yellow 4 or 5), and they make a good pair. Inari if I feel like I can take a risk, and Li to buy time if my team is in bad shape.

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I’m giving Drake a hair over Joon, both are great. Inari only if you are loaded with Holy hitters.

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Right now for my yellow lineup I have Chao, Li Xiu, Wu Kong, and Guin. Plus my three new ones of Joon, Drake, and Inari. Chao has been a solid hitter for me till I could get better and Li Xiu has only recently been leveled and used before getting my three new heroes. So I could stand to have some stronger hitters.

I would go with Joon or Drake.

I only have Joon myself, he’s a reliable sniper and offensive powerhouse, although he’s on the squishier side too. Anything that isn’t KOd gets crippled with blindness which can be gamesaving against offensive enemy special skills. One of the best TC20 heroes imo.

Don’t have Drake but I like him too from what I’ve fought him during raids. He’s better built than Joon to take hits, also his blindness to 3 max targets is more impactful as he cripples more heroes during raids.

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You can keep using Inari at 3/70 and she will be plenty effective. Drake will be better at 4/80, but his main advantage is blindX3 and that works just fine at 3/70.

Joon NEEDS to be at 4/80 for his special to really shine.

For what it’s worth, I have all three as well and ascended joon first. waiting to do drake second. and inari will probably never get the darts since someone better will come along before I get enough darts,

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Thank you both. I think I’ve decided on Drake or Joon right now for the power.

Drake - first choice being the most versatile of the lot.

Joon - less stamina as compared to Drake but better on titans

Inari - nice to have and fun to use but lacking versatility

Drake for me. I’d rather have the inflict 3 blindness than 1. Firing Joon’s special will usually KO the target anyways, so his blind is kinda moot.

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I think Drake is moving to the top of the list. I hadn’t considered the three blind as opposed to one aspect.

In your case, you better max Drake. He is a bit better than Joon, who targets, hits and blinds only a single enemy whereas Drake targets, hits and blinds 3 enemy heroes. Though Joon damages a ton to a single target, but Drake technically dishes more damage if you sum up all the damages gotten by the 3 targets. Moreover, Drake is sturdier than Joon. Inari must only be maxed if she is (1) your only lone yellow 5 star and can’t wait to level her or no other hero competing for resources, or (2) having already maxed both Joon and Drake, or (3) if you have an oversupply of poison darts. Inari is not the ideal first holy 5 star to max.

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