Please advise wich holy to level


Soon I have to choose to upgrade a holy 5 * (yeah!!)
But the last month I doubt a lot because I lost many war attacks… so my self confidence is a lot lowerto choose a hero…

It should be a hero which stand his/her ground on wars an raids (and lesser important titans)

Inari or joon?

Please say also why…

Thx in avandce

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I’d go with joon personally

But that’s due to how i setup my attack teams

I typically go 3-2

1 healer 1 AoE 1 Sniper of 1 color
1 healer 1 sniper of another color

So the more snipes and heals i have for wars the better

Both good on titans, of course inari has the higher attack so better tile damage but purples are soft and joon will work just fine

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Joon because he is an excellent sniper and goes really well with G. Jackal.

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Depends on what you want the hero for. Inari would be excellent in a defence team. Absolutely awesome in fact. But that’s probably the most you’d use her. And let’s face it. Does a defence team really matter? There’s always going to be someone that can beat you with the right hero’s and a good board. However joon can be lethal on a defence team too when placed on wing, he’s excellent against titans, and he’s a weapon in raids (sniper) overall i think you’d get more joy out of using joon

I’ve chosen Joon… thx for your advise!

Nobody needs two Inari.
Joon was the right choice.