2021 TENTATIVE May Calendar (Events, Trials, Rare Quests, Tavern Of Legends, Ninja Tower, Masquerade, Atlantis, Valhalla, S4: Voyagers Of The Underwild, and Mythic Titans)

Here is the Tentative May 2021 Calendar of Events in multiple formats, including the quick reference

Many thanks to the collaborators for their time and efforts…

Guvnor, littleKAF, Very Quietly, birksg, Markpessan, VEIVE, christie, ratabboypda, KahlanAmnell, Kiiro, and W01fheart

If you notice any errors please let us know so we can get updated versions posted.

As with all EnP calendars, dates are tentative and may be changed (notably the rare quests which occur every 7-11 days, so calendar placement may be off slightly).


English Text Calendar by @VeryQuietly ...

Credit VeryQuietly

Monthly Quick Reference by @VeryQuietly ...

Credit VeryQuietly

French With Images Calendar by @Zartanis ...

Credit Zartanis

English With Images Calendar by @Zartanis ...

Credit Zartanis

English Text B&W Calendar by @Zartanis ...

Credit Zartanis

Spanish Calendar by @ratabboypda ...

Credit ratabboypda

Italian Calendar by @VEIVE ...

Credit VEIVE

Japanese Calendar by @birksg ...

Credit birksg

Japanese Quick Reference Calendar by @birksg ...

Credit birksg

Chinese Calendar by @christie ...

Credit christie

Brazilian Infographic Calendar by @Markpessan ...

Credit Markpessan

Portuguese Calendar by @Kiiro ...

Credit Kiiro

Russian Calendar by @W01fheart ...

Credit W01fheart

Polish Calendar by @ColdHands ...

Credit ColdHands

English Version Calendar by @ColdHands ...

Credit ColdHands


@Zartanis Great job as usual. Minor quibble. Atlantis Rises ends at 3PM ET I think

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so, we would have another Atlantis Rises on the 31st, correct?

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Yes, I’ll adjust the length. Thank you. @photon, yes probably so. I am waiting to see how April ends and then revise May again. Thank you.

So, is it fixed that May is Guardian Teltoc instead of Starfall Circus?
If V38 update before the event start (13 May), it can be starfall circuss right?

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Jin, i believe so, because Starfall is V38, and still is in beta. Starfall will probably be June’s Challenge event, but it depends if they release it before Guardians


Hello Russan calendar doesnt work :frowning:

Spanish and brazilian too. I can’t see the calendar.

Not all calendar team members have finished calendar yet. Main post will be updated once those are available :slightly_smiling_face:


OK thank you for your answer. I am a beginner and try to be active. :slight_smile:


No worries, I forgot to mention that we’re waiting for a few calendars to be added. Thank you @Cerise and @VeryQuietly.

A small correction on the B&W calendar of mine as I had the wrong layer turned showing for the days starting with Sunday instead of Monday. Should be fixed now.

Also, @markpessan 's Brazilian Infographic calendar is available in the OP.





Thanks for the calendars! I don’t know if this is the right place for this comment, but it sure would be nice to have Atlantis on a weekend occasionally.


awesome, thanks again to all those who take time to create these calendars for the community!


Be interesting to see when Farholme drops. We are all a bit lost on that at the minute…

Feels like a stealth buff to Rare quests dropping slightly quicker at the minute


Thank you very much…


Corrected a small typo and added some of the suggestions above:


@VeryQuietly @Zartanis : I thought monthly on 27th ?

we have more confindence in the event schedule since SG made its own properly and clarify that they would all follow a 4-week pattern (except for NT and TOL).

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