2021 March Calendar (Events, Trials, Rare Quests, Tavern of Legends, Masquerade, Atlantis, Valhalla, S4, & Mythic Titans) Tentative

Here is the Tentative March 2021 Calendar of Events in multiple formats, including the quick reference

Many thanks to the collaborators for their time and efforts!

Guvnor, littleKAF, zephyr1, Markpessan, VEIVE, VeryQuietly, christie, birksg, ElThamer, ratabboypda, KahlanAmnell, & W01fheart

If you notice any errors please let us know so we can get updated versions posted.

As with all EnP calendars, dates are tentative and may be changed (notably the rare quests which occur every 7-11 days, so calendar placement may be off slightly).


English Text Calendar by @VeryQuietly ...

Credit VeryQuietly

Spanish Calendar by @ratabboypda ...

Credit ratabboypda

French With Images Calendar by @Zartanis ...

Credit Zartanis

English With Images Calendar by @Zartanis ...

Credit Zartanis

English Text B&W Calendar by @Zartanis ...

Credit Zartanis

Italian Calendar by @VEIVE ...

Credit VEIVE

Japanese Calendar by @birksg ...

Credit birksg

Portuguese Calendar by @Kiiro ...

Credit Kiiro

Chinese Calendar by @christie ...

Credit christie

Arabic Calendar by @ElThamer ...

Credit EIThamer

Arabic List Calendar by @ElThamer ...

Credit EIThamer

Brazilian Infographic Calendar by @Markpessan ...

Credit Markpessan

Russian Calendar by @W01fheart ...

Credit W01fheart

Russian Calendar by @ArktikaTF ...

Credit ArktikaTF

Monthly Quick Reference by @VeryQuietly ...

Credit VeryQuietly

Announcement for March 2021 Schedule Changes: Changes to Event Schedule (March 2021 Onwards)


I will update the post for additional calendars as they come in, but a good number of them are there.


Thank you @Zartanis, and all the calendar people! :+1::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Much appreciated for planning ahead.


Muchas gracias por su esfuerzo


Thanks for these. Long wait for the Damascus Blade :smiley:


Thanks for uploading… calendar helps us for perfect planning…


It looks stunning! All the added stuff with wars and such is great. Big kudos for all those involved creating this!


Thanks so much for you hard work!! Appreciate the black and white calendar :blush:


Since League of Villains is part of the Challenge Event rotation now and has 10 heroes does anyone know if the other 5 Challenge Events will add 2 more heroes each to make them all the same? Awesome calendars!

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Thank you. I do think that a shout out back to what @Novo developed for the community and what @Archaeo80 continued is in order. The torch has been passed on with big shoes to fill.


No indication of anything like that from beta.

The Chinese calendar has been added to the OP.

Looks good, but isn’t Underwild a typo? I’ve never even heard of that word

That’s what I thought when I read the announcement.
I assumed it was “underworld” but it’s a big typo. Not sure if it should be underwild or not would love to know if it is or isn’t

@Guvnor do you know if it IS correct from the announcement?

I’ve pinged staff asking.

It’s different from the original previews we had including the 2021 Sneak Peek which called it “Explorers of the Abyss”

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For what it’s worth, I got it from this post by SGG:

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Thank you all for the effort !!! :muscle::muscle::muscle:


@Photon @notyou87 @VeryQuietly, got confirmation back that Underwild is the new title of season 4


Understood. Wanted to be sure

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