Treadmill Heroes United need 2 active players

Hi All,

Treadmill Heroes United currently need 2 new family members.

We are helpful and active. We seek similar people.
We would like 1800+- cups
Team power 3000 +-
All we ask is you hit titans.

Hi, I got defense team with 3237 team power, but I currently only got 1659 cups. Am I qualified? How can I get invite? Ernest

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Hi Ernest

Search in the alliance for Treadmill Heroes United
Request to join and I’ll avcept the invite. What’s your IG name?

Hi TheBully,
Thank you! My in-game name is Ernest@NYC.

Hi All,

We are recruiting again for 1 worthy hero! We finally took out our first 9* Titan and another straight after!!

We range between 7-9* titans.

We require a daily player with a team to compete with 7-9* titans. 3000+ recommended.

We are very helpful and full of advice if needed.

Hi All,

Treadmill Heroes United are looking for 3 active recruits.
We are very helpful and taking 8* titans with the 27 players we have.
With Alliance wars round the corner we want active daily players.
3000+ team power preferable however if you can hit a 7/8* for 15 - 20k I’m happy.

Hello! We are 3 friends looking to switch allys cause our leader already declared this ally is only an idea of their family and They Will only play occasionally for fun.
As we are addicted and looking for growth, we decided to find an ally already strong. We are now slaying a 8* titan with almost 300k combined. We can assure activity (I am 14h online everyday) and a great help on titans.
However neither of us are big spenders and we are yet getting heroes and leveling them. One has 2200 cups, I have 1800 and the other has 800 (on purpose for filling chests).
Please let us know if you can make room for us.
Two of us have almost 3600 power and the other almost 3300

Hi Luiz,

Search Treadmill Heroes United and I’ll get you all in. The person with 800 will need to raise it to 1000 to join then they can drop it again.

But as long as everyone hits daily we are happy to help

Ok thanks. Its 5am on our time so I Will tell them soon. We’ll just finish our current titan and apply. Wait for us :laughing:

I’m on most of the time some when you’re ready mate.

Already applied. Just waiting

Seeking one to join the family.
We want someone for the long term.
We currently take 8/9* titans and haven’t yet lost an alliance war.
Team power 3300+ and must have a versatile team for alliance war.