2 players looking for a new home

Yessss! Just talking this days with our leader and he mentioned about this! So, we wanna do it to move forward… we have some dead hands here right now and in this alliance event we just can’t complete legendary stage because of them…. We can talk on Line if you want! I inform the leader and you can talk!

This sounds like potentially a really good fit between our teams! I put more info on another post titled “Alliance Merge?” talking more about my team with a couple of other interested people. You can go there for more info on who we are. I think I can probably get us down to ~15. I see your alliance has 16 in it today. How many do you think would want to merge?

Yeah, our team is stuck on the Legendary limit for the Alliance Quest; we are around 8.5M :frowning:

Also, after looking at my other posts, let me know if it seems like a good fit to you & your leader.

Happy to talk further…sorry, you need to educate me on the Line ID; not sure how/where I use this for direct comms?

In case you missed it, I think you have, this thread was started by @Jan250611 who is looking for a new alliance. Perhaps you can tag @Doncastillio in your alliance recruitment thread :thinking:.

Back on topic… @Jan250611 you have lots of genuine offers for a new home. Good luck in your decision making.

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About line: in the home screen there in the right top it is an icon human shape with a +
Push it and in the next screen you can search for friends to chat
Search friends upon ID: introduce my ID there, add me as a friend and than we can chat


Hi. Let’s talk straight. No F’s.
Discipline and Teamwork, that’s what we have.
No Unused Flags.

Hello, you can see The Midnight Jokers, international Alliance, no stress, good players.

Join us, or not. Hope you wil find your new home.

Nice day,

Stef the Unik

Hi Jan;
We are 8 crazy cats, we have been together for a long time, we have traveled different parts of the world together, and we decided to create our own house, we are organized, friendly and sociable. Zero drama and we are here to support each other and continue to grow together.
We are good players, we have war strategies, we use all our flags, red tank and hit the titan daily.
If you are interested you can visit us @ Impossible Krazy Kats
or you can send me a message by line id: eroth

We have 2 spots open. You guys would be perfect with us. Bringing us up to 30. All members are active and very friendly.

Second that - Crew has wide variety of alliances to fit your style & committment
My advice would be look at rosters, hit leaders up on Line and give us a shot.


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