Two active and experienced players looking for a new home

Two experienced players who have been playing together for well over a year are looking for a new home.
We are level 82 and 67 with war defences of 4600-4700+ (depending on tank colour).

What we are looking for:

  • Top 500 alliance
  • 2 free spots
  • 12-14* titans with preferably a 100,000-ish hit requirement
  • discord (one of us can’t use line) or in game chat
  • active and competitive alliance (but not too competitive)

We are pretty chatty so would definitely prefer a chatty/social and active alliance over a quiet one but this in not a requirement.

We can move straight away.

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you can be high impact players in my allaince - Shiwon - we’re not at your titan level, but you would have an immeidate impact in advacing the team - you could even stay for a short period and not offend us if you left after a while - cheers…

I’m sure you’re about to be inundated with offers.
You might want to check out TBD Part Deux, active alliance, titans capped at 12* and they’ve been together for over a year and a chatty Discord channel too :ballot_box_with_check:.

Tagging @Macaque1902 who I’m sure has a lot more to add.

GL in your E&P journey

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Not top 500 but chuck our name in the hat…
We have 2 spots open now…
We are a casual but competitive our alliance rules are pretty standard… We have line and I have discord…
If interested @ me…

RAVENS OF THE NORTH has everything you’re looking for except Discord.

We are not among the first 500c but we are an international, competitive and well organized alliance, we currently have 4 spots available, we shoot 13 * titans and use all our flags in war, blue tank … Come visit us and if you like they stay, but they can continue on their way without problem.

I would recommend Seven Days Uprising to you.
When full we are a top300 alliance, last Mystic titan we finished rank 130 with 29 members.
You need a good purple tank, 20+ maxed 5* and 20+ maxed 4* heroes, rainbow mana troops 17+.
But we use discord and line. At the moment we are 29 players.
Contact our leader Kronos via line using the line id kronos_niks . He knows if someone will retire after next war or needs a break, so two slots might be possible if you fulfill the requirements.

Happy gaming

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Hey Seggpock we’ll be glad to have you at s&d, we’re rebuilding our alliance and have more recruitments coming soon, we’re competitive (last MT we were top 1000 with 15 members) and top 100 when full.

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