14* titans - No skips - Top Alliances - Ideas to share the HP between all members 🤓

You kill all 14* titans - No skips
How do you share the HP between all players in a fun and fair way?

Inspired from @JekylandHyde and this interview :arrow_down:

I think this is an interesting topic where alliances who are killing all 14* titans, can share good ideas and maybe be inspired to make it fun to control your damage on titans :upside_down_face:

Share titans? :grin:



Interesting topic. A lot of alliances I have seen cap damage at 200K until everyone is to at least C loot.

For me, I do fun things like only using 3 heroes against 14* Ice titans. It is a challenge to break 100K single hit with 3 heroes and using forge-level weapons only.

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May I see your 3 hero titan teams? :grin:
And Battle Items.

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We have a cap 190k for the first 8 hours spawn time. Then it’s free to kill.

Most players only use 2 hits on spawn and save the rest of the hits until 13:59 left.

On rare titans we have the same cap until everyone are above 1% damage. We wait until 11:59 if necessary.

My best is 98K. This was one of my earlier hits. Qu!nn from 7DD has the known record at 123K. This is one of my 93K hits:
NEW CHALLENGE—Can you beat it? +90K Hit, Only 3 heroes & Forge weapons on a 14 * Titan—E&P Books - YouTube


Thanks for sharing this. It is a fun challenge :grin:

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