130 summons got 2 of 3 wanted so try for 1st choice Zeline?

Hi all, I like reading the info and advice on here and I k
Am P2P and I say that rather than P2W as I enjoy the game and helped me escape family problems when I needed it and so I have gone very much for the hero’s that appealed to start with, things have got a bit better now or at least I am in a better place (and rigs over new year in the thread that shall not be mentioned you making me laugh, along with the disbelief of it helped a bad night) and I am starting to enjoy being more competitive and may need to start looking for a new alliance soon that attacks higher titans and is more active…

Anyway I digress as I tend to waffle but I had been buying and saving gems for this Atlantis as there were 3 hero’s I really wanted:
1 Zeline - When I first started it seemed a lot of forum members really rated her and also I just really like her and she would fit with my greens as she hits all enemies, having said that I already have Lianna, Evelyn and Kingston, plus all standard 5 stars
2 Poseidon - My yellow and reds are the weakest and I think would work really well with my 3/70 yellows of Guin, Justice and working on Onatel
3 Vela - my blues are good a with a deep bench as have Athena and Ariel among others but wanted a hero that could attack all enemies

I have done approx 130 pulls so far and have got both Poseidon and Vela, plus dups of Misandra and Multiple Obakan dups, along with various 3 and 4 stars most I ready had but got a 2nd Proteus I wanted after reading advice from one of the forum members here to take two Proteus on the seasonal quests to win that I still struggle with getting all the way…

Anyway I know the odds and understand all of that, actually better than all the ins and outs of game play, some of which I admit still confound me, as I work with statisticians…

Given that, so the odds and my current hero bench would really like some advice whether forum members think it is worth trying for Zeline (as I do have enough gems left to do another few 30 pulls and she won’t be back for another year at least) or whether I save for next event/hotm and try for them given green bench I already have?


Prob be best to show some screenshots of yah rostar so far!
It’s no use having loads of good heros as it will time to max them. (Well is pretty useful but you end up with the “mats ain’t dropping fast enough” mentality) totally up to you if want to another pull or maybe farm for coins in Atlantis to do more :woman_shrugging:


My green bench is similar, i have no zeline. With the flood of new heroes on the horizon, i would just save the gems.

Zeline is great, but you’ll get by fine with what you have

If u really really want her, go for it but keep odds in mind and dont go over budget

So idk how helpful all that is but that’s my 2 cents


If you want the hero and can afford it, go for it. No risk no reward. I got Zeline this go round and am very happy to have her. Good luck if you do roll the dice for her.

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Have the following 5 stars (note not fully ascended any yet as not sure which would be the best to max to level 4 who work wells together and have enough materials to ascend up to 3 of each colour so any suggestions on that also appreciated):

Margaret(likely won’t ascend)



G. Kong(3/70)
Queen of hearts(3/14)



For your purples I would personally level Seshat. Got my Sesh with emblems on her and she rocks. She is one of the best snipers in the game. Unless of course you need a purple healer/tank in which case Kunchen would be the way to go.

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And for green I would go Evelyn just for elemental def down. But Lianna and Kingston are great too.


Save the other 6 tonics




Save other 6 rings

Guin( if your alliance doesnt run yellow tanks then she’s not must max but she isnt as bad as people say in offense with her mana cut+heals at average mana)

Way I’d go about it


I agree, I find Guin to be quite useful in offense.


it’s not guaranteed that she won’t be back for more than a year.

it’s possible that the oldest hotms (of which zeline is one of) will return via the hero’s academy somehow, someway. later this year.

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Thanks Rigs and a couple of questions:

For green you wouldn’t also max Lianna, I would think for a green team against a blue Titan she, Evelyn and Kingston would be awesome…?

And what do you think would be the best rainbow team to set as my first team - ie one that other players would attack in raids?

Note my alliance is small and casual, 10 members, we don’t really discuss tactics or use line or anything, and at the moment we only average 4 star and occasionally 5 star Titans, I like them but would like to progress as well…

ill be back in 10

Yes I had seen on the forum the possibility of that, although with the disappointment of A. Lab won’t hold my breath but also possible they may appear in season 3, like they do in Atlantis…?

Eventually yes. But if you plan on pullin in march then I’d keep 6 tonics in reserve, telluria will probly be the best green healer we’ve ever seen so whether u run 3-2 or mono, she’ll be a corner piece of your green offense for sure.

Guessing your alliance doesn’t coordinate war tanks?

And btw i know this is off topic but the words “i would like to progress” jump out at me. We have different Crews playin at different levels, if you ever need an alliance and you get Line, feel free to tag me or add me by my line id: jrigs

I should also mention that vs titans 10* and lower

I would go littlejohn on titans over lianna
Lianna has better durability
Littlejohn has higher attack though which will raise the value of your green tiles more than lianna would and with right battle items and/or wilbur, he’ll survive just fine

If you max lianna it’ll be more for pvp than titans

Rainbow defense:

Misandra zim guin sesh kingston

I believe you said you could max 3 blues

If you’re facing titans lower than 10* and fighting relatively low level wars

Could probly max misandra ahead of ariel. If u decide you would rather max ariel over athena, understandable as well if u have wilbur. Athena is awesome on titans but you can hit B loot pretty consistently without her. The 1st blue i would most definitely max is frida though.

Which frida or athena either one could be worked into defense on the flanks but misandra wing would be “ideal” and left wing specifically

Зелайн тоже очень хочу,может и не крутая,зато девочка красивая))

English please and thank you

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Hi Rigs,

Thanks for the reply and all the info and I didn’t do any more pulls for Zeline as I don’t have a 5 star green healer so will save my gems and can summon for that at the event summon so there is a chance I will get her or one of the event hero’s.

I hadn’t thought of using little John for titans due to his slow mana and attacking all enemies and also Lianna is fast and hits much harder. I know tiles is dependent on troops used so star and level and then some have better mana/defence etc. but not sure how the hero affects that and so how you marry them up?

Our alliance doesn’t coordinate at all in wars except to ask for all war flags to be used which doesn’t usually happen anyway and our leader has also gone awol for about six months now and don’t think he is coming back. Hence we don’t really move forward in terms of stronger titans and harder wars and so yes thinking if I should move but also like the core team of us that are active.

Also be good to be on a team where can get advice and discuss tactics as Not sure the rest of team know all the ins and outs, same as me so maybe I need to try and convince them we need to move and if not go it alone…

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